Sunday, August 30, 2009


I really want to keep up my blogging regime and to write and post pictures at least once a week, but my days are getting shorter and it's tough to work things out at work and to balance my own leisure time for hobbies, and also taking care of Rena during the weekends. At such, I'm considering changing the struture of my blog, so instead of a long post every 2 weeks or so, I might do short thoughts on a more frequent basis. This might lead to less constructive posts (not that mine are very constructive in the first place), but it might mean that I'll be motivated to log in more often. Well, we'll see how it goes from here, although I'll possibly be quite busy till the end of the year. My feeling towards this period of time can easily be summed up by this Green Day song going "Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars. Drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are. As my memory rests but never forgets what I lost, wake me up when september ends."
We went for yet another photo shoot this time (our third), but it was the first time that we were doing it outdoors. Sentosa seemed like the logical choice, and we spent a few hours at the beach and took some personal shots as well. We're still waiting to pick up the pictures, but Mabel's restricted me on my uploads because she wanted to keep some as a secret, well till the right time at least. More pics soon so check back later. There were also multiple gatherings taking place in the month of August and September, and most of the pictures have also been uploaded onto my Facebook album. If you're on Facebook, you should have already seen me spamming them. If not, do add me and just let me know who you are. Speaking of Facebook, I had a few surprise friend requests lately, many of whom are either from overseas or are friends which I've not met in years. Gotta love Facebook for it's social capacity.
I'm still into KOF XII and will try to play a few rounds either online or offline whenever I can find time. I was trying to find the official strategy guide but couldn't, so eventually I remembered that I still had some credit with paypal, and so ordered a copy of the guide from The shipping from Hong Kong was free, and pretty fast too. The guide itself wasn't too fantastic, but I did learn a few good tips from it and the art was good, so it'll be a welcome addition to my collection of game guides. On the toy front, I added another item to my Kamen Rider Decade series collection. It's a 25cm tall sofubi figure, and I'm actually tempted to get the rest of the figures in this series. Will be seeking out more online stores and see if I can get the rest shipped in too, since I've got other items lined up as well.
The following series of pictures is my entry for a contest organised by the Japanese National Tourism Organisation. The details are as follows: "Simply plan an extraordinary itinerary for a 7 day and 6 night trip to experience the wonders of Japan in autumn, where the cool breeze and blue skies will free your mind and create the perfect atmosphere to explore the whole of Japan on your own time with the convenience of the Japan Rail Pass (7-day free train pass). 5 winners with the most interesting itineraries will be chosen to experience their very own unique itineraries! Each winner will be given a return air ticket from ANA/JAL/SQ to Tokyo, a 7 Day Japan Rail Pass (Please see Terms & Conditions) and S$1,000 spending money and share the experience with everyone via an online blog."
I've already submitted my entry online, but the thing was that they could only accept files up to 3mb in size. So, in the end I had to compress them heavily in pdf format and to make sure that the file size limitation wasn't breached. The quality was still ok, but definitely not printing material. If you're interested and want to get the hi-res version of the files from me, do drop me a message and leave your email, and I'll sent the files or the links to you. That's it for a short short update this time, so wish me all the best for the contest and I'll update the results once I get'em. Hopefully we'll be in for another trip and this time we'll take even more videos and pictures than the last time! :p
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