Sunday, May 24, 2009


It's been over a month since the last post, and this is really the longest ever break I've taken from blogging since I started around 4 years ago. And well, there's a reason for it. I've been really busy due to work commitments, and even to the stage that I didn't get to see Rena and Mabel for a week. I'm glad that May is coming to an end, and that one of the high key events in 2009 is over. Time to sit back, take a break, and to gear up for the second half of the year which promises to be just as busy and exciting.Mabel celebrated her first ever mothers' day this year, and she wanted to make it special by having our family photos taken at a studio. So, we went back to the previous one we went to, only this time the both of us were captured on film as well. Mabel was really pleased with the results, and I thought they were pretty nice too. I'll be blowing one of these pictures up and placing it on one of our living room walls soon. You can see more of the other pictures taken in the shoot on my Facebook album. On another note, it's been some time since my last video and I'll be starting work on the next one soon based on these new images. :)

On a separate note, my ipod Nike+ has finally died after serving me for over a year, with 500km under my belt during this time. Sadly, there is no way of replacing the battery and the only way is to get a new sensor and receiver at the same time. Luckily it's not too expensive, at around $50. But still, a way to change or charge the internal battery would be so much better. Maybe Apple thinks there are enough suckers like me to keep on buying their products after all. My package from Hobby Link Japan finally arrived this week. I've been hesitant over getting the Shinkenger figures online, since I believed that I could get them pretty easily at department stores or Chinatown. But hell no... I could only find the mechas and not the figures which I've been collecting since the Magiranger series. No, I don't watch the series these days but the figures are still too bright and colourful to miss out on. Hah... Anyway, I also got some of the Legend Rider series figures, namely Agito and Kamen Rider X. I've decided not to follow the entire series through, as majority of them are only repaints. Will only get those which I've missed out previously, or when they decide not to con us and give us new moulds and sculpts. Good thing about ordering online instead of getting it at local stores is that the original Ganbaride cards are included, but still, it doesn't really make a difference if we don't get the arcade machines here in Singapore or when I don't get the barcode reader belts.

Quote from Wiki: The film Kamen Rider Decade The Movie: All Riders vs. Great Shocker (劇場版 仮面ライダーディケイド オールライダー対大ショッカー) is to open in Japanese theaters on August 8, 2009, double-booked with the Shinkenger film. The film is promoted to feature a total of 26 Kamen Riders: the original 10 Showa Riders, BLACK, BLACK RX, Shin, ZO, J, the previous 9 Heisei Riders, Decade, and Diend. The film also provides light to Tsukasa's memories due to Decade's relation with the mysterious Great Shocker organization, whose membership is composed of the various villians and monsters that previous Kamen Riders battled with. Moe Arai (荒井 萌) portrays Tsukasa's younger sister Sayo Kadoya (門矢 小夜). Ryuichi Oura (大浦 龍宇一) portrays Nobuhiko Tsukikage (月影 ノブヒコ) who transforms into Shadow Moon. Tetsuo Kurata returns to portray Kotaro Minami (南 光太郎), the man who can become Kamen Rider BLACK. End Quote. I'm really pumped up for this movie! All main riders together sounds really awesome. Check out a clip from the movie here:
Not been blogging doesn't mean I've been neglecting my PS3. Well yeah there's lesser time to play, but still I got the English version of Gundam Musou 2, called Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. I've been waiting to get the US version of the game ever since the Japanese one was released, because I wanted to read the menus and stories without having to translate it myself. However, unlike the previous game, there was no way to change to voices to the original Japanese ones. This irritated the hell out of me because I was so used to the original voices. But I couldn't find the original Japanese version these days, and had no choice but to give in and bought the US version. The game's good, and I'm slowly getting used to the voices. Will be clearing through the enemies to get all the best Gundam parts this weekend and perhaps the next, and the next.
I've never really watched the anime or read the manga, but the latest trailer from the upcoming movie Blood: The Last Vampire really interested me. I'll find time to go watch the anime, but only after I finish watching the second season of Gundam 00. Yes, I know I'm slow, but I didn't have the time to watch it and I wanted the entire series to end first so as to minimise the pain of waiting in between the episodes. Back to the movie, the trailer looks awesome and I'll definately watch this once it opens.Work is still piling up for me, and to be honest I can't find the passion for it, though I still love being with friends, making new ones, and going for all the runs and games. Still, there is a job to be done and I'll finish it. Only thing is, for how long? While I'm pondering about this, I've also been doing up a lot of reading and bought new books for me to gain new knowledge in a new frontier. Hopefully I'll be prepared for change when the time finally arises. Until the next time, ja!
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