Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little milestones

One of the simplest and yet most effective ways of self motivation is to have something to look forward to. Well, at least that works for me. And that date cannot be too far away or else it'll lose it's intended effect. I always try to have a date to count down to, be it a small event such as a race, or something big, which I am about to share in this blog post.

As most of you have realised, I do not have a home to call my own at this moment in time. During this transit period where I've sold my old place, me and my wife finally managed to secure our second home. And we are counting down the days till we can officially move in. She is busy with thinking about our internal layout and designs, but for me I really just to have a place where I can be totally comfortable with, and that is the place you know you can truly call home.

Well, one thing I can't deny is that I'm looking forward to having my own display/entertainment room this time round. Since we have more space to work with this time, I'm going to have my own area to put up all my figures and stuff. And that's a lot of boxes which are currently stored away right now. I also have cartons of unopened stuff, which is just waiting to see the light of day. To me, this is one of the things that keep me moving, and the anticipation motivates me in ways which can be as subtle as putting a spring in my steps. It's the little things that keep you going. :)