Sunday, October 03, 2010


Wow, this must be the longest break I've ever taken in my blogging history since 2006. I must apologise for the lack of updates here, although I've still been quite active on Facebook and Twitter. The pace of work coupled with my part time studies have really taken a toil on my personal space and free time, so much so that I've not even had the chance to play some of the new PS3 games. Additionally, September's been really nasty to me. I'll explain more. Work's been hectic in September, with multiple tasks to be accomplished and I'd even have to go on a shift system which totally destroyed my biological clock. And school work wasn't that kind as well, I was over ambitious and took too many modules for this Semester. Although I've cleared everything so far, it was taxing during the overlapping weeks between term 1 and 2. I'm just glad I got everything submitted on time.
I've also been really down on luck the entire month. Small incidents aside, in this particular month my phone got water damaged and I had to get it replaced, my PS3 got the red light of death and I've yet to get a new one, my Adidas jacket which I've bought in Tokyo got lost some where, and all 3 of us in the family took turns to get fever. Rena had gastric flu and we spent several hours in the hospital to get her attended to by the doctor. She vomitted quite a bit, even in the hospital itself. It was really saddening watching her like that since she was obviously scared and we had to try our best to distract her. Thankfully, she got better since taking the medication and was soon on the road to recovery. After that, it was Mabel's turn to fall sick though. At least all 3 of us are well now, and hopefully October's a healthy month!

I've went for the AHM a few weeks ago, and it was my 10th consecutive run for me! At such, I wanted to go even though I was actually still recovering from flu and didn't feel very well. I ran amidst coughs and thankfully reached the end line, although I didn't beat my timing last year. I was slower by around 5 minutes, but I tell myself it's because of the flu. Yeah that's right. Anyways, I have 3 more runs in October: The Mizuno Wave Run, The New Balance Real Run, and the Nike City Run. Collected my race kit for the Mizuno run via my neighbour Ryan, as you can see above. I like their bags. For the amount we've paid, it wasn't too bad getting the running tee and the bag year after year. Here you can see even Rena's trying to make away with the bag, which she subsequently tried to fit all her toys inside.
Some of you might already know that my wife's now doing her online cookie making site full time. I helped her with the logo design and the website, which was done in one sitting and I ought to find some time to have it improved. In the mean time, do feel free to check out For friends from Facebook and Twitter, I promise to make her give you a discount and I can personally do a delivery for you as well. Basically, she gives a service to provide gifts for all occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and all other celebrations. Here are some pictures we took:

Although the cookies look like they've been covered and coated in sugar, they are not sweet at all. Through feedback from customers, she was made it taste less sweet, so that it's actually healthier as well. There are multiple designs to choose from as well.

 So for those we have an upcoming event and is thinking about getting door gifts for your guests, this might be a perfect way for you to give a customised present, either to children or grown ups alike. You can choose from many designs, even thouse not shown (for various copyright issues), and change the text on the cookies. Feel free to ask me for more details as well!  

Since Kamen Rider W ended, I've been looking forward to Kamen Ride OOO (Ozu). So far 4 episodes have been released, and I must say that the current plot and premise is very promising! The story is certainly a very unique one, and the bonds between the lead characters are very interesting as well. Rena's been watching it too, though she's been scared by the kaijin on more than one occasion. Still, she likes the main characters as well as the very melodic henshin sequences. Check out one of the clips here:
Right, before ending off, it's been a while since I recommended any songs. Although I've been listening to a lot of Kpop recently such as SNSD, 4minute and KARA, I'll wait till the next update before giving them a full feature. So for now, just one very lively song from Mano Erina (真野恵里菜)called 元気者で行こう!which translates to "Let's go cheerfully!". Until the next update, ja!