Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rena Tara Kerrie

Rena, Tara, and Kerrie, 3 little girls from our block decided to go for breakfast together last weekend. Looks like this is going to be part of the weekend routine to become gal pals. :p

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I'm thinking most likely I'll not be updating on the recent Taiwan trip, since there really isn't much to talk about and that I've already posted the pictures up on Facebook. There's lots to talk about anyway. For starters, Mabel received a birthday present in the form of a Canon EOS 550D (pictured below) recently. And since she's too erm.... busy to look into the finer details of using a DSLR, I supposed the responsibility falls onto me, to prevent the expensive gift from becoming a white elephant. I'm not really a camera or photography person, but I'm also one to utilise things to their fullest potential. Thus, I bought and downloaded books and information on using SLRs, and you can say that I'm just began my journey on knowing more about capturing moments on the camera. It's not as complex as I initially thought, but the possibilities are endless and there's so much to learn. Thankfully I've got lots of friends into photography and so it makes learning so much easier with their help.

I've only began to take simple shots at home, initially only using the pre-programmed modes in the basic group, and then moving on to the Creative Auto mode and finally the Program mode. It's definitely much more fun to use your own defined settings, but also precisely due to this reason, there is so much to experiment and try. I'm not really a patient person so I usually then to get easily contented with the results. Hopefully I can get to know more of the camera's abilities and maximise its potential. Here are a few shots I've taken, on my figure collection. Yes I know it's not the best thing to take to show case the camera's functions, but I've wanted to update my collection album for a while and it was a good chance to do so. More pictures can be found on my Facebook album.

Picture of my part of my Super Sentai collection.
And this is one of the many Kamen Rider levels.

Recently purchased some DBZ S.H.Figuarts figures, which features some of the Dragonball characters fully articulated. They look great, and that's justified by the hefty price tag to. There are more upcoming characters. Gohan is already out and I've pre-ordered him. More on the way are Vegeta and Trunks. Looking good and I'm keeping my eyes on this line.

Mabel's also putting good use of her camera (not this shot, I took this with my phone camera). My laptop's practically full of Rena pictures, and thankfully she has her own portable harddisk to keep all those pictures. Here you see her proudly displaying her most recent creation. Cheese cakes (Japanese style or so I'm told) and I'm not too sure what the rest are called. Good stuff but it just means I need to up the frequency of my runs or go for further distances. :p

I finally signed up to further my studies. Seems like the right direction to go, since after I get my degree I would have a diploma, a degree, and a language qualification. Time to think about a career switch after that, haha! Well, I can always dream and motivate myself. And speaking about motivation, I bought a HP mini in order to facilitate the studying process. Personally I feel that studying as a mature adult is vastly different from back in school days. The mentality is different, and the learning style is more diverse, and perhaps focused as well. I look forward to the next 3 years and hopefully I can manage studies, career, and family well. That's all for this entry. Till next time, ja!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rena - Sunleth Melody

Just a very short video using some recent photos taken from a trip to the zoo. Short version of a nice music track from FFXIII. Will be doing some other videos very soon since I've already short listed some other tracks. Remember to check out Akiba Studio since I will be using it as an archive for all of Rena's media :)