Monday, October 31, 2011

Mid life crisis?

A close friend recently deduced that my like for running these days had something to do with me undergoing a change. Apparently, research have shown that men in their early thirties tend to reach a point in life where frustration sets in, and they tend to lose direction in both work and family related matters. Termed as the mid life crisis, it's been proven that to certain extent all men go through this phase in life. Naturally, I brushed this notion aside, until I realized that the truth in it may be closer than I initially expected.

During the conversation, I attributed my like for running with the need to set goals for myself. Yes, short term ones, but goals nonetheless. I thought that perhaps the mid term crisis in my context referred to my need to constantly have something to look forward to. Without anything to strive towards, life can be pretty uninspiring and even empty. That's why continuous education is important, well at least for me, as well as other skills and experiences which I believe that one should go though in life. Life is too short to miss out on opportunities and experiences which we can't go through once we progress beyond certain ages.

Time doesn't slow down for anyone, and as each chapter of one's life comes to a close, do we question what we have achieved with the time that has been blessed upon us? One of the reasons I like to run is that I feel I can think better about such questions after each run. It's like a time for reflection, for me to gauge how I'm doing in life, and how I can influence the future.

I'll end off by saying that a personal vision statement really helps a lot. Mine's constantly providing me directions, like a beacon of light sometimes. Hopefully, you can also find time to carefully think about it and articulate it clearly, if you haven't done so already.

I haven't been writing much recently, but I'll try to post more often! :)