Saturday, August 21, 2010


We recently just celebrated our 10th year anniversary. No we didn't get married that young, the 10 years refers to the number of years since we've met each other. It's a long story, and I don't really intent to tell the story here, but it's amazing how fast time flies and we've already a daughter whom we love and care for. Looking back, it seems just days ago when we were still young and in our prime, not caring about adult responsibilities and having long nights and short days. Those days aren't complete lost, but we've just progressed with life itself and have past a few chapters since then. Moving ahead, there's so much to do and accomplish with the new member of the family. It's not easy teaching all that we know, but I fully understand that the 2 most precious gifts that we can give to the next generation are roots, and wings. Roots to anchor core values, and the wings to let her fly and reach her fullest potential.

Rena's been a big fan of the Super Sentai series. Sure I have a big influence on her, but she's been demanding to watch a lot of the shows, particularly Gosei Sentai Goseigers, which is this year's series. It's not really hard to see why, since basically it IS a kid's show. Bright colours, flashy sounds and effects, and catchy songs, are all meant to attract children. It just so happens that Rena has a father who collects Sentai figures that's all :)

Usually the Sentai figures are all that I get, but since Rena is such a big fan, I ordered one of the Transform/Henshin items for her through the internet. Yup, one of those which requires 02 x AAA batteries and a pack of cards so that she can insert the cards in and pretend to morph into one of her favorite bright coloured rangers. She's been having so much fun and making so much noise with it that I've been thinking whether it's such a good thing to be awoken by the device on weekend mornings. She also loves all 3 songs in the series so far, and dances to them whenever I play them in the living room television. I'm planning on another Sentai video for her, but in the meantime just enjoy this clip first.
Of course, I bought a few of my own stuff as well. Figures wise, just 2 more to the collection (actually I still have a bunch of uncollected stuff from a local store but that's another story). They are Ultraman Zero and Gosei Knight. I'm not too keen on the Gosei Knight design because it looks really bulky and I'd very much preferred if they had introduced a 6th ranger instead. As for Ultraman Zero, I really didn't like the design at first too, but since then the design as grown on me and now I kinda like the 2 horns which he can take out and use as a weapon. Both will go to the collection, but perhaps Gosei Knight will enjoy a few hours out every week since Rena likes to go to my collection and demand that I take out a few figures each week to accompany her. Oh yah I got a few books from amazon too. :)

For Kamen Rider W, the series has nearly concluded and as with recent tradition, the next Rider shows up and is ready for the handing and taking over ceremony. The new rider is called Kamen Rider 000 (that's pronounced Ozu). More info extracted from Wikipedia here: Kamen Rider OOO (仮面ライダーOOO) will be the twelfth series in the Heisei period run of the Kamen Rider Series, and the twenty-first overall. It is scheduled to begin airing on September 5, 2010, the week following the conclusion of Kamen Rider Double, when it will join Tensou Sentai Goseiger in the Super Hero Time lineup. The series' titular Kamen Rider will have a cameo appearance in the film Kamen Rider Double Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate.

Unlike several previous Heisei Rider Series, no alternate name has been given yet for the three O's in the title (W(ダブル)read as "Double" and 555(ファイズ)read as "Φ's/Phi's/Faiz") aside from the name of the main Kamen Rider: Ooz. Both "OOO" and "Ooz" are intended to be read as "O's", referring to the multiple uses of the letter O in the title as well as "multiple kings" (王). The title OOO signifies the three medals that the main Kamen Rider uses to transform. Eiji Hino is a man who has no dreams, no job, and no family. When animal-like monsters called Greed awaken after their 800 year slumber to attack humans and feed off of their desire, a bird-type Greed called Ankh gives Eiji a belt and three Medals to fight the Greed so he can become the predestined Multi King (複数の王): Kamen Rider Ooz (仮面ライダーオーズ). The mysterious Kogami Foundation approaches him and begins assisting him in his fight against the Greed, but their true motives are not clear. When Eiji fights for the first time, he starts to realize what it means "to be alive". End quote. Typical story, blah blah.

One of my Korean twitter friends (@pinkmelodian) introduced me to the iPhone game "Swing Swing Motion". The lite version can be found on itunes. Turns out she was part of the development team, and I was interested to find out how the game played. It's a game which relys a lot of the motion sensors of the phone, and requires the player to balance the phone in accordance to the rhythm and the music being played. It's not a new idea but it's done very well, as expected from Korean game makers. Do try it out if you have the iPhone, and see if you have a good sense of rythm and as well as hand eye coordination. :)

This is pehaps the first blog post in 3 to 4 weeks. Yeah video updates don't really count. But it's been a really busy period for me, since school have already started and the work place isn't really known for its tranquility too. Especially those tutorials and end of course assessments for my programme, they can be murderous. Still, I've got a couple of updates I'd wanna do soon, including the video I mentioned. Will keep all updated through FB and Twitter. Jya~!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sean & Mabel - Celebrating the Decade

Me and Mabel celebrate our 10th year of knowing each other this week. We took Rena to Marina Barrage for a photo shoot to commemorate the event. Here's the video which was made from some of the photos from the shoot. Yup I know I haven't really blogged in a while but I'm gonna update again real soon once I find time. :)