Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thanks for the memories 22nd TSWC

For the past 4 weeks, we were involved in a series of lectures, presentations, lots of reading, talking, playing ultimate frisbee, and most importantly, getting to know each other better. The TSWC ended as fast as it started, and before you know it, all of us are going back to our respective work as we bid farewell to one another.
I've always thought that courses in the organisation were pretty transactional. In a way, we could always work effectively as a team to meet our objectives, but it is hard to establish that relationship once the course is over. Still, personally I've enjoyed this particular course a lot, largely due to my peers. Not just in my syndicate, but the entire course. The synergy that we shared was incredible. It's been a great month, and hopefully we can still keep in touch through FB. Once again, thanks for the memories!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Roots & Wings

A few weeks ago while on a short course I was tasked to give a impromptu presentation on this question: "What value do you think is the most important to give your children?" I didn't really had much time to ponder over it, but naturally I remembered this phrase a senior officer once told me. He said, the best gifts that a parent can ever give his children were roots and wings.

I shared this with my course mates and how it affected me and influenced my thinking, especially since I myself am a father now. Having children doesn't only mean reaching the next chapter or stage in life. To me, I believe that our children inherit more than our belongings or assets. They inherit our dreams, ambitions, beliefs, and our name. The blood that flows in our veins are one and the same. Whatever I dreamed of but did not have the chance to complete or even attempt, I will give my daughter the opportunity to choose so. Even if I don't do it myself, I will share the same level of satisfaction if my children can reach my goals. Of course, I don't mean forcing them to do things they don't enjoy doing.

By roots, it refers to the grounding that we give our children. They must be rooted in core values, virtues, and proper moral upbringing. Instead of focusing solely on skills and shaping their talents, they must be nurtured through character development. By giving them wings, we are giving them the freedom to soar as high as their potential takes them, and giving them the proper environments to grow and learn in. What they achieve and how far it takes them is entirely up to their own dedication and effort put in.

I remember these words dearly and hold them close to my heart whenever I think about Rena's education and how to impart her with the right values. Hopefully it makes sense to whoever's reading this as well.  By the way here's a video clip I made to celebrate me and Mabel's 7th wedding anniversary. Enjoy!