Monday, May 31, 2010

Adidas Sundown Marathon, 完了します!

It's been a long while since the last blog entry! For the unaware, I've been out of Singapore for slightly overly the last 3 weeks. Due to work commitments, I've had the chance to visit Taiwan for the 6th time in my career. Not all smiles since it's a working trip but it's still fun and interesting working overseas, due to the different sights and sounds which you'd never get to see in Singapore, especially in the more rural areas of southern Taiwan. I'll leave the Taiwan update to another blog entry and talk more about the Adidas Sundown Marathon, which I've just completed yesterday morning. It's my second marathon attempt, and sadly I didn't had the chance to really step up training and preparations due to the Taiwan trip. I even had to request for an earlier return date just to catch the event.

So eventually, I returned home from Taiwan on the same day of the run, and to boot didn't even had much rest due to the fact that I needed to get some supplies and replace some of my broken gear. It was frustrating as I had to run around Singapore looking for my ear phones and my running watch, which broke while I was overseas. After visiting many shops I eventually found both, and left with only hours before the run. And so, I made my way to the starting point by Taxi, which was more expensive than I had anticipated due to traffic. For the actual run itself, I felt like blacking out on several occassions, due to the sheer fatigue and physical toil. Not really the dying or fainting type, but the falling sleep kind, which wasn't too bad but I had to struggle to run straight. I felt I did more running than walking compared to the previous one, but somehow failed to beat my previous timing. Perhaps it was a false sense of accomplishment since there wasn't as many people to overtake me this time round. In my opinion, this run was harder than the Stardard Chartered one, and hopefully I'll be able to gain from this experience and beat my own time for the next marathon in December. Until my next blog update on Taiwan, check back again soon! :)