Saturday, January 12, 2008


It's still quite some time away, but I've been thinking about a next trip to Japan already. While Mabel's bugging me on a weekly basis to go to another country, she keeps popping up new ideas, such as Thailand, Taiwan, and even Korea and the US. While I'm generally ok, another trip to Japan can't hurt. Yes, my wallet would ache a bit but we have time to save. I'm still considering either Kyoto or Hokkaido. Kyoto because I want to visit the movie world there to look at the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider exhibitions, and Hokkaido because of the scenary obviously. Lots of time from now to think about it, so no worries :)
In between the episodes of Gekirangers and Den-O and a couple of anime shows, I had time to pick up a new Tokusatsu series recently. Cutie Honey The Live (キューティーハニー THE LIVE) is a production of the popular Cutie Honey manga and anime series chief directed by Makoto Yokoyama. It began airing on TV Tokyo on October 2, 2007. Gravure idol Mikie Hara (原 幹恵) portrays Honey Kisaragi, the title character. I watched the pilot episode a few months back, but didn't really like it so I didn't follow through. However, after some good reviews I read, I went back to the series, and boy I'm glad I did.Initially, I thought that the show was full of fan service and served to satisfy otakus with its adult themes (hence the late night time slot). And yes, that statement still stand true. There is very mild nudity, in fact only 1 episode so far (not the main characters though) and lots of lesbian inclined scenes, with some violent fights. But what won me over was that the show was genuinely bone tickling funny. Outrageous and fully of comedic performaces, especially from Hayami, the private detective (played by Syouma Yamamoto, the same actor as the White Makai Knight from Garo).
The show starts with just one girl, Honey, who can henshin into this red hair xiao char bo (psychotic bitch). As the show progresses, she is joined by 2 other girls, very different in personalities. They are Miki, and Yuki. Each girl can henshin into a fighter of sorts, since they are actually andriods. The cast also includes familiar faces from other Tokusatsu shows, such as Mark Musashi from Garo & Kamen Rider: The First, and Kohei Murakami from Kamen Rider 555. For those interested in the series, please give it a try. Great characters and comedy. Here's a clip from the show.

Just finished watching the Kamen Rider Den-O Hyper Video and the Special Talk show featuring the seiyuu (voice actors) and the suit actors for all the imagins. Although the whole show is in Japanese, I felt that it was great finally being able to put a face to all the voices for the imagins. This show has been really popular in Japan, and part of the credit goes out to the imagins who have been great and really memorable. With just a few more episodes to go, I'm sure I won't be the only one who will miss Momotaros-tachi when they are gone. To show how popular they are, here's a clip of some of the fan-made spoofs from other anime series, using Den-O characters.

77 Star is starting their first Tokusatsu course in Feb. In March, 77 Star will be recruiting staff for their Tokusatsu production section. The company intends to produce a Singaporean Henshin hero TV series. The series is based on the Japanese “Local Hero” (ローカルヒーロー/ご当地ヒーロー) concept. According to Mr Enomoto Shinya, producer from 77 Star, this made-in-Singapore tokusatsu series is inspired by Akita’s Chojin Neiga (超神ネイガー). The series will focus on social and educational themes such as courtesy, not littering, disturbing the public peace, etc. Still, action and comedy will be pack of the show, which will be filmed and produced in Singapore. This is pretty exciting stuff, and since the flop VR-Man a decade ago, Singapore has never ventured into the Tokusatsu or Hero genre. Those who are intersted in joining 77 Star in this production, do feel free to contact them through their official website.

Macross Frontier (マクロス F) is an animated television series in the Macross universe. It is being produced by Satelight and is scheduled to premiere in April 2008 on MBS channel in Japan. The series will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross TV series (1982~1983), and will be a direct sequel to its follow-up Macross 7(1994~1996). This third TV series will feature the U.N. Spacy's latest main variable fighter, the VF-25 and a new spaceship called the Macross Frontier.
During a mission to an unexplored asteroid belt, a reconnaissance VF-17 Nightmare is destroyed by powerful & fast insectoid biomechanical alien lifeforms, which immediately begin their attack on the rest of the fleet. Not being able to stop the new enemy threat, the U.N. Spacy forces authorize the deployment of an organization called S.M.S., which utilizes the new VF-25 Variable fighter to destroy the alien menace. The first episode blew me away with its outstanding visuals. Hopefully the wait to the second episode won't be a long one.

Still waiting patiently for the next episode of Den-O, Honey, and Gekirangers. Anime seems to have taken a backstand now, but I still have a few unwatched episodes left from Gundam 00, Ghost Hound, Kekkaishi and Naruto. There seems to be a few new series worth my time, and perhaps I'll talk more about them in upcoming entries. Till then, ja! :p

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