Saturday, March 22, 2008

モーニング娘。: Cry Cry, Don't Cry!

Thanks to a certain escaped fugitive, the past 3 weeks have been one of the most busiest period of my career thus far. I've been working over 14 hours daily, including burnt weekends and such. It's tiring, but one must understand the situation the country is facing and that I'm proud to be able to assist in my own capacity.
Still, I managed to squeeze in some time during one of the weekends and together with Mabel, we visited one of the Korean restaurants near Thompson. We decided to give ourselves a treat, since its been a while since we last dined outside. But unexpectedly, the dishes cost a lot more than I had expected, although the kimchi dishes were quite delicious. We ate over $70 worth of korean cuisine, and will return for more when we start craving for korean food again.

My goods from Japan recently arrived, and although the package looks pretty heavy and expensive, it's still cheaper than getting the items in stores, if I can even find them here in the first place. I'm starting my collection on the Kamen Rider Display sets, which have a few more items in the series coming soon within the next few months. They're really detailed, and not as expensive as the previous series which didn't really do too well. Can't find enough room for them in my shelves, so they're have to settle on my TV console cabinet for the time being. Or untill I finally have time to get the study table which has eluded me thus far in my not-so-new-apartment.

Also got my first 2 Kamen Rider Kiva figures during this time, one from the Rider Hero series which I imported from Japan, and the other from one of the candy toys available at local comic stores. More forms to come, so I'll really need to get some more new levels for my shelves soon. I've also received my JLPT 3 results. Good thing is that I've passed, but it's far from the score I've gotten for JLPT 4. Well, it's only going to get tougher, especially for the upcoming JLPT 2 exams later this year. I've have to do a lot more in the preparations if I were to pass this one. Since I'm never going to attempt for JLPT 2, this will be the final hurdle in my Japanese studies. Hopefully with this qualification, more prospects will be made open in the future.

Recently, I gave Kiki and Misa a good bath, and then took them to the neighbourhood pet store for a manicure session. I've tried cutting their overgrown nails a couple of times, but haven't really been successful because I was always afraid of cutting too deep and seeing blood. Kiki's been really vocal too, and my heart would break hearing her cry. It's another matter though if I'm not around while she gets cut. Thus, I spent $10 just to get their nails trimmed. It's much easier to handle them now, although I swear Kiki's beginning to scream at me whenever I walk past her. Although I didn't have time to blog the past 3 weeks, I still kept up my regime of watching the tokusatsu shows. I was initially turned off by the new sentai show: Engine Sentai Go-Onger, but I figured it was still better than nothing at all, and watched 5 episodes within the week. Yes, sleep is secondary. Here's a clip of their henshin sequence and roll call. It's not too shabby, but I found Go-on Green's pose really dumb, and that Go-On Yellow's really too kawaii. They should have gotten another girl for the team, as it's been a while since we've got 2 girls on a team.

I can't say I'm liking Kiva too much, as I've gotten a little sick of the entire violin thing, and also the morph sequence is too simple, considering that we've had elaborate henshin sequences for the past few Kamen Rider series. The 2 new forms introduced in the latest epsiodes haven't really been too interesting too. They have the same faces and similar setups, save the armoured accessories and the colour. I'm figuring the series would fare much poorly than Den-O or even Hibiki.
On the topic of Den-O, a second movie has been announced! It's a cross-over between Den-O and Kiva, and it's one of the first cross-over movies in a long time. All thanks to Momotaros and gang's popularity, the entire cast from Den-O will be making a return appearance, including Yuuto and Deneb, Owner, Kohana, Naomi, and the rest of the Imagins. From the trailer, it seems that Wataru is a singularity point as well, and that the imagins are capable of forming a pact with him. Here's the trailer which was released not too long ago:

Another cross over in the sentai series was also released recently in straight to DVD format. Gekirangers Vs Boukenger, is the latest movie in the long line of Super Sentai crossovers. Featuring the returning characters from Boukenger, the movie pits them against the Gekirangers as well as the standard evil mastermind bent on destroying the world.I've never really enjoyed Boukenger, since I dropped it after episode 1, but any sentai cross over's good in my eyes. More explosions, silly henshin sequences and cross over moves, what's not to like? I've only watched the raw thus far, so hopefully TV Nihon will pick this one up too.Tomica Hero Rescue Force (トミカヒーロー レスキューフォース) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama that is to air in 2008. It is based off of Tomy's Tomica toy car line. The characters use Tomica's Super Tools (スーパーツール) and Super Vehicles (スーパービークル) to help save people, instead of fighting a single evil. It is the second tokusatsu series that Tomy has been involved in following Madan Senki Ryukendo.Fans of Morning Musume have been waiting for their new single, of course I've been eagerly anticipating it as well. Their latest single is named Resonant Blue, and the Dance Shot PV have been released. The song sounds awesome, and so it the dance, although it reminds me a lot of drunk girls in pubs. Anyway, hopefully the PV will get another release, as we don't see a lot of the other girls in the Danceshot version, other than the leads Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, and perhaps Nigaki Risa and Kusumi Koharu. Can't wait for the CD single to be released, so I can blast it out loud. Here's the PV so check it out here:More on H!P singles released recently: Berryz Koubou released this new single called "Dschinghis Khan" (ジンギスカン). Apparently, this is a remake of a song ages ago, and it was used as the opening of a television series. Either way, while I thought the song was cool at first, the "wahahah"s as well as Momoko, are starting to annoy me. The rest of the PV is pretty good though, with the rest of the girls doing crazy poses, very similar to Morning Musume's Koi no Dance Site PV many years ago. Check it outC-ute's new single was first heard during new year's day at the annual Red White singing contest. It was a medley of sorts, and was sang by at least 3 different groups, starting with Morning Musume. However, it seemed that producer Tsuku is giving C-ute the vote of confidence by giving them this single. And he's being rewarded as well, since this song is currently in the top 10 charts in Japan. Good call!
Mabel's just back from her Japan trip, fully sponsored by her company of course. It's the second time she's acting as a tour guide for her company, since she's the one with the most experience in Tokyo. No, she can't speak Japanese to save her life but she's been good with navigation and also getting the company to go to places she wants. Haha, seriously, will post some pictures of her soon. That's it for this lengthly update. Till next week, ja!!!!

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