Saturday, August 16, 2008


It's been 8 years since we first met, on the eve of National Day. I booked out as a recruit, with no hair and pride to speak of. However, it was a fateful meeting on that day when I first met her. Never would I have expected on that day that 8 years after, I would be a father-to-be with her. To celebrate the event, Mabel told me that she would plan the day's activities. I promised her to take a day's off to accompany her, so off we went according to her schedule. To kick start the day, we went over to Shangri La hotel for a fantastic buffet lunch over at The Line. It was quite costly, and Mabel was upset by my constant whining about how expensive it was. Yes, I agree that money is spent to be spent, but when a glass of orange juice costs over $17 it's a bit hard to swallow, especially when I think of how many new games I can buy with that money. Well, we ate to our hearts' content, and then made our way to Marina Square for a short shopping session, followed by our first ever visit to The Singapore Flyer. It was a interesting ride, but nothing much to shout about as the surrounding scenery was pretty much full of construction sites at this point in time. We helped a Japanese couple to take a few pictures, and they returned the favour by doing the same. It seems that we are the last few people to take the Singapore Flyer which rotated facing the original way, as it was reported in the papers that they changed the direction of the rotation, after some advisors from expert Feng Shui masters. Well, whatever.

We were pretty much exhausted with all the walking around, and decided to head home for dinner instead of watching a movie. It was a long day, but one which we will remember for at least the next year, where I'm gonna have to think of how to top this year's anniversary celebrations.... Somewhere overseas perhaps?

The video I posted last week seems to have received some good feedback, so I decided to send it to Stomp. I'm not exactly a fan of Stomp due to the fact that I hated some of the articles and how they promote some negativity between Singaporeans and other close to the heart issues, but I see it as a good portal to share media and news around. I uploaded the movie onto the DIY Video segment, and hopefully I can win some thing there. :)
I haven't been buying much stuff lately, namely collecting on the Rider and Sentai hero box sets, along with smaller stuff like the candy toys or perhaps the miniture keychains. I'm also still collecting the Kamen Rider head displays, and got 4 of them last week when I visited Chinatown Square Central. Didn't plan to buy so much (actually I didn't know so many were released), but in the end decided to get them all just in case they get sold out before my next visit. So, on top of my previous collections which I imported or bought from Japan, I got Kamen Rider Stronger, Kuuga, Hibiki, and Super-1 this time. Had to clear some space for them, but they look great on my room TV console now. I just need to figure out how to make more space for the next series now.....

Some of the other hero series boxes were also released when I was there, but I didn't have enough cash at the point to get them. Thus, I decided to get the Go-on Wings figures instead: Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver, the pair of siblings from Engine Sentai Go-Onger. The rest of the figures I failed to get are from the Kiva series, which are more likely to make their way to other department stores, so I have a good chance of getting them from some other places instead. On the Go-onger series, the plot has been going downhill these weeks, with the emphasis based on comedy instead of the main storyline. Well, good thing is that it's still pretty entertaining. 2 episodes ago they were haunted by one of the main villians which they killed. There were some creepy scenes which I thought might make some Japanese babies lose their sleep, such as eyes in the forest, people with no faces, etc. Haha, and what a coincidence that it was shown during the Hungry Ghost Festival here. Wouldn't want Mabel watching this though (never thought I'd say that).Pic above: the main 4 guys get spooked by ghosts. Sousuke's (far left) expression is simply priceless. Check out the clip here too.

I posted the PV clip from High King with their single Cinderella Complex a few weeks ago. The song has really grown on me, and I've downloaded some of the other versions of the PV as well as the live performances too. I realised that Takahashi Ai (second from left) has really become a great dancer. Reina and her were awesome in the video, but I thought Ai stole the PV with her hat, although the spot light was mainly on Reina. The dance was awesome too, and hopefully we get more PVs from this particular choreographer. Do check out their dance shot PV:
Another new Jpop group has risen: The Possible (THE ポッシボー). I'm not too sure of this group's background, but I've seen their new PV from the single Ijiwaru Crazy Love (いじわる Crazy love). Sure the girls are not as pretty as the ones from Morning Musume or other H!P acts, but I thought the song was really catchy. Seems this single is being used as the opening theme for a current Japanese Drama. From the official site: "つんく♂が発足させたNICE GIRLプロジェクト!所属の岡田ロビン翔子、秋山ゆりか、橋本愛奈、諸塚香奈実、大瀬楓、後藤夕貴の6人組THE ポッシボー。08年4月発売の「家族への手紙」に続くメジャー第2弾シングル。" Hopefully we're learn more about this group soon, along with more great songs.

Yes, I've been really lazy with the updates lately. Work is going to get tougher till the end of the year, and I still have my JLPT 2 to worry about. I also just bought a book on 3D modelling which I hope to pick up, so there goes more of my personal time. Not forgetting that I'm still playing the PS3 late into the night and waking up with dark circles on certain days. Good thing is that Mabel's health has been great lately, and hopefully it will remain that way. Will leave you with a hillarious clip of the Imagins from last season's Kamen Rider Den-O, doing the poses from this season's sentai team. Back to my reading now, ja!

The original from Engine Sentai Go-onger:

The Imagin (from Kamen Rider Den-O) version:
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