Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Lazy weekend last week saw me and Mabel cooped up at home because she was pretty beat from the usual work routine. We stayed at home, packed more baby stuff and also made room for Rena. I unpacked her playpen, and also played around with her stroller, car seat, etc. There were so many new things in the house I would figure we've already spent a mini fortune on her.
Don't be decived by the clothese here. This is like perhaps 20% of the entire wardrobe that Rena already has. Definately more than me as this was originally the place to put my clothes. Now, it's all full of baby stuff, and most of the clothes are actually not pictured here. Thanks to the friends and family members who have been giving us lots of pretty clothes, though. We really appreciate it.
I had a long weekend and so proceeded to Chinatown, wanting to pick up my SIC Ryuutaros figure, but it hasn't arrived yet. Instead, I got myself the Kamen Rider Agito head display set, followed for the Boukenger figures. I didn't watch the show, but got them for completeness sake, since I now have almost all the series from Magirangers onwards. I really really need to get the contractor to make more roon for my shelves soon.
Being stuck at home means that I need to spend my time doing something fun/productive. Mostly, I'm in the living room with my laptop while Mabel's surfing the channels on cable. I'm into my 4th chaper of the 3ds Max book I bought, and I've also been spending quite some time on Metal Gear Online. Still getting owned, but I'm getting better these days.
The video above is the dance shot version of the PV from the song "Gachinko de Ikou!" (ガチンコでいこう!), by Buono! (ボーノ). I posted the original PV on this blog a few weeks ago. I still like this song alot, and it's still on my current playlist. Well, I've found this youtube page of a little Japanese girl called Cuca who's really talented. She's 6 years old and loves dancing to songs by H!P groups. She has her own youtube page and blog, and is getting pretty famous recently. I've already suscribed to her page, actually. Check out her video here of the same song by Buono here, and her youtube page for many more other dances (some with her little brother).
The GotWoot forums recently just concluded its first ever photography contest. Organised by the mods, the participants were given a different topic for each round within the different groups, organised in a knock out manner. Of course, I was eager to join in the fun.There were 24 particpants in all, and the rules were simple:
1) No photoshoping
2) No outside help
3) The subject/object can be portrayed in any manner of your choosing
4) Action shots, black & white, artsy pics...its all fair game.
5) Final judgment will be based on how interesting the picture is, not necessarily how 'good' or 'professional' it is. Forum goers are the ones voting for the picture they like the most each week.
For round 1, the topic I received was "Hand". I decided to take one with my Naruto figures and this was my entry:
Dug out my old forehead protector, a Sasuke figure and the intent was to depict a fallen Konoha ninja. Thanks to the voters I got to round 2. The next topic I received was "Water".
Again, I wanted a anime related picture. My idea was based on the training Naruto received from Jiraiya, which used water balloons. Instead, my picture showed a hand with the symbol Naruto used to help him concentrate above a toilet bowl, trying to reverse the flow of water. This is my fave entry from all the rounds. Well, I advanced and the next topic was tougher. "Light".
The bright side was that I felt it was easier than the other group which got the topic "darkness". Again, I submitted something anime related, but not Naruto this time. Using a pun on the word Light, I took a photo of L holding the Death Note up. The title was "Light-kun?"
With that, I reached the final and was among the last 4. The final topic was "Time". For the first time, I was stumped and took over a few days thinking over my photo. In the end, I decided to finally go with my feelings and stray away from anime themes. I grabbed Mabel and some props, and submitted this photo titled "Counting Down." I didn't win, but this was Mabel's favourite picture. :)On the whole, the contest was really fun, and I'm already looking forward to the next event at GotWoot. Do check out the forum & the awesome folks over at http://forums.gotwoot.net.

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Anonymous said...

omg.. u got so many baby clothes for Rena even before she was born!!! unbelievable..
i'm really looking forward to see her!

Psyke aka Sean (ショーン) said...

Thanks! Wouldn't be too long now!

Anonymous said...

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