Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mothers' Day Magazine cover Contest - Vote for Mabel!

Our pictures taken during the Mother's Day celebrations were selected as part of a contest held by a local studio called The Studio Loft ( The contest is open for voting by the public, and I have been tasked by my dear wife to request for the kind support from my friends :)The prizes aren't nothing to shout about, but well, we wanted to see whether we can get a good result compared to the rest of the entries, some of which are pretty well taken as well.If you do want to vote for us so that I'll be possibly dragged back to the studio for more shoots with Mabel and Rena, feel free to visit

and leave your vote via the blogspot comment list and leave your email addy. Troublesome I know, and I really don't understand why they couldn't just make use of the blogspot poll feature. But I figured they were photographers, not web designers. :pAnyway, I thank you on behalf of Rena and Mabel for your support and help if you decide to vote for us. Hopefully I'll get to post the results if they are announced! :)Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

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maryann koh said...

hello sean! haha this is the "photographer" you talking about :p i clicked into your blog while looking through my blog statistics! yes sorry la i do not know how to use the blog poll feature even though i used to design websites :p teach me next time! i will announce the results on monday, thanks again for bringing your lovely wife and cute baby to our studio. or maybe you were dragged in ;) have a good sunday!