Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is the longest hiatus that I've ever taken since I've began blogging a few years back. Well, I've just returned from over 3 weeks of an overseas work assignment, and that I've been onto some other stuff at the moment as well. Couple that with other work and family commitments, and you've got a busy man running all over places. Well, it's not all work since I always try to maintain balance and not give my PC and PS3 too much lull time. The 3 weeks overseas was extremely boring and tough to pass time, since we were at such a rural area that we didn't even sleep in buildings and have to be contented with make shift tents that flood during the frequent passing showers. It's unbearably hot in the day, and damn cold in the night time. I didn't get sick, but many did. The runs were done in such cold temperatures, and my lungs hurt after the runs. There wasn't anything much to look forward to, since the r&r sucked as well. At least it's over, and it will be a few more months before my next overseas trip.
Rena's growth seems accelerated while I was away. She can stand not, albeit with support. And she's gotten a lot more interactive as well, giving things to people and also handling things around her with more curiosity. She fell sick midway through my trip, and thankfully she recovered from the fever and I could focus on work, especially when I didn't have any phone connections during the said period of time. She's nearly 1 year old now, and Mabel and I are both busy with preparations for her mini-party, due end of this month. Look out for pics soon!
I didn't spend much overseas, except perhaps on the phone bills, but it shouldn't be a lot, and I would have saved some compared to staying in Singapore. That gave me a good reason to go on a shopping spree, which I did. I bought quite a coupled of stuff, and you can see most of my stuff in the 2 pictures here. First, I've gotten the DVD of the second installment of the 20th Century Boys movie series. Having become a fan after the first movie and read the entire manga series, I'm looking forward to a faithful and good translation to the big screen. I also got a Kamen Rider Agito figure, in the same series as the Decade figure I bought a while back. It's big and detailed, and even posable to a certain degree. No complaints here.
The more expensive purchases were these. The PS3 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and also the official guidebook, which was half the price of the game itself. I don't have the original game, but I played it on the PC a while back, and I enjoyed myself. I completed the main game in over 8 hours, but there's still new modes and difficulties to have a go at. As a long time Metal Gear Solid Online player, the differences were huge. One was focused on gameplay but lacked realism, and the other gained popularity due to its realism and balanced gameplay. I just hope I can sustain my interest long enough in the online play and get to use my headset once again. :)

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