Sunday, April 25, 2010


It has actually been quite an eventful week, but I've been really tired these days and hence I thought of postphoning this update till perhaps sometimes mid week. I was in the midst of just uploading the videos and calling it a day when I thought what the heck, might as well just add in more text and get the entry over. Haha yeah sometimes writing here can be a chore, especially when you've got tons of stuffs to do and can better utilise your time at home. But after maintaing my site for nearly 6 years I figure that updating my blog hasn't only become a habit nor a way of life. It has really become a commitment, and one which I see more benefits than nuisance. I don't always go through old entries but when I do, the memories which flow back always make me realise that they do need to be archived to be accurate. We tend to forget so much since time flies by so fast. So, here we go again :)
As you can see in the pictures scattered here, Mabel's been really into making Japanese cuisine of late. She has bought lotsa ingredients as well as equipment, particularly from Daiso, to make bento set lunches as part of the preparation for a picnic lunch with our friends. It's good for me of course, since I get to eat home cook meals during the weekends. Finally, the Japanese ryori books I bought for her a while ago can finally be put into good use. I hear from her that her next venture will be into making pasta or spaghetti, so hopefully I can get to taste some of her (experimental) work soon. More photos to come, either on Twitter or Facebook.

Here are a few videos I've took the past week. If you are reading this feed via Facebook, the video links are not embedded so visit instead. First up, Rena watching Tensou Sentai Goseigers with me at home.
Next, another similar video but you see her dancing to some of the steps during the ED theme. Yes, she is starting to pull off the henshin and roll call moves. As far as I can notice, she loves imitating Gosei Red and Gosei Pink. And she knows how to start and pause Youtube videos :p
And lastly, just a video I took today, of her running around the house and picking/wearing anything that she fancies. And yeah that's my beanie which I bought over a decade ago. Time to pass it down, I say.
And since Rena's been really into the Tensou Sentai Goseigers lately, I thought it would be nice to make her some home made toys from high resolution scans from magazines I found on the net. Especially great since they are free and don't cost a bomb. You'll be surprised at how expensive these toys are! Well Rena can't really appreciate them too much now, so making them from paper and cardboard seems to be made of win. Haha, at least until she grows up, or grows sick of Super Sentai. Till then, she's been putting both the OP/ED themes on repeat mode so much that even Mabel knows how to sing the songs. But it's a good way to keep her occupied :)

I also joined the Live Earth run last Sunday. It was only 6km, but it was for a good cause, and there was a nice Tee and a mini medal to be collected. It was fun, and I hope to sign up for more such events soon. The next one to look forward to would be the Sundown Marathon next month. Lastly, it's been a very eventful week for me mainly because I finally got my IPPT Gold award, after nearly 9 years of Silver. I must declare that I've been training for it, since it was one of my new year resolutions which I've set for myself earlier this year. This year marks my transition into CAT Y1, since my 30th birthday falls before April 1st. This gave me a real hope for the Gold award, since the running time has been extended by 15 seconds to 10:15. I've always falled to get gold because of the 2.4km run, so this was great for me. One of the few perks of reaching 30 I guess. Anyway, it took me 3 tries (2 actual tests), but I'm glad I made. Now to maintain it for the years to come. That's all for this entry, ja!


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