Sunday, July 04, 2010


It's World Cup season and hence I've not been getting a lot of sleep lately! Well, it's also the excuse I'm putting up for the lack of updates for the past 2 or 3 weeks. It's not been easy trying to get a stable and secure internet connection to watch the matches at those unearthly hours, and at least I've caught most of the matches which deemed interesting to me. As a supporter of the Samurai Blue (the Japan Team), I promised on Twitter that I would get their jersey if they made it pass the group stages, which they eventually did in style by winning 3-1 against Denmark. It was a brilliant match and I bought the jersey the very next day. Although they've been eliminated and denied a chance of reaching the quater finals, I'm proud to say they've done a really good job, despite the lack of support initially by naysayers who critised the lack of talent compared to previous squads.

I received my 4th medal of the year this morning when I attended the Run Against Cancer, which was a 7.5km run. I did it in just less than 40 minutes, which I guess is a pretty ok timing, considering that it was hard to break through the crowds in the initial stages. I've at least 4 more runs signed up till the end of the year, so I'm hoping to do better in the upcoming runs.

At home, Rena's been getting into Super Sentai, by following the series, playing with the toys I made, and also the official figures of the Goseigers. It's a great way to teach her colors too, as she can clearly say at least 3 colors now, Red, Blue, and Black. Strangely not the female rangers Yellow and Pink. She still gets really excited when the show's opening song starts, and it's a great way to keep her still for 20 minutes when the show's playing. Check out the video I've uploaded previously of her dancing to the ED theme, if you haven't done so already :)

Work's keeping me a little busier than usual but there's still time to utilise when I'm waiting for the late night world cup matches to start. I bought Transformers: War for Cybertron this week, after reading good reviews and scores on both IGN and gametrailers. After the initial plays, the sensing is that I'm still not that appreciate of US games. Perhaps it's just me but I find it hard to enjoy it fully, especially when there's this bug on the asian consoles where your x and circle buttons are swapped and there's no way to customise your controls.

That's it for this short update to tide the intervals between each entry. Will be on course this entire month and my studies will commence in this month as well, so it's a busy few weeks ahead. Will still be active on FB and twitter, and hopefully I'll find enough time to get some words and pictures in here as well. Till the next time, ja!


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