Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rena turns 2! レナちゃんは二歳だ!

Exams are over! I'm supposed to be in a happy mood now that it's a lull period, but I'm in a kinda pissed mood because I think I screwed up for one of the graphical mathematics exam. I did up the specimen papers, past year papers, spotted questions and got too confident, but got owned when the exam focused on theory instead of practical questions. Analysis FAIL. But the difference between the past paper was absurd. Hopefully they'll moderate the damn thing. Wish me luck.

Rena celebrated her 2nd birthday last week. Time flies with a kid around. Can't imagine it's already been 2 years since Rena arrived. It's not easy being a parent, but at the end of everyday I can't help but feel blessed. Even when she kicks and slaps me and I get angry, I know that she's part of me. Mabel arranged for a photo shoot to commemorate the occasion, and I've compiled some of the photos into a video montage, which you can view here. The rest of the photos will be uploaded to my FB account. :)

Mabel also made a special version of her cookies for the invited guests. I designed the card, but she changed the colour (which I disagreed on). Will revert back to the original colour when I upload it to my Akiba Studio site. Heh. Anyways, since my bonus this year is better than last year, I spent a little more (to cheer myself up from the post exam blues) on the PS3 Move system. Yes I know I've just gotten the replacement PS3 set recently but I can't help but get into the PS3/KINECT hype that's going around. Bought 2 games for it and I've been getting my arms sore from the archery and gladiator duel games. Pretty fun, but I'm still spending a lot of time on the Black Ops multi player games.

I'm in the process of making another video based on the photos taken during Rena's party, so check back here soon. I've already posted a video of her, on her brand new bike and her Kamen Rider OOO henshin belt, but I'm too lazy to upload to youtube. I'll try and make a link here soon, so check back soon! In the meantime, everyone enjoy the festive and holiday season! Ja!

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