Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Where do all the toys go?

I strongly suspect myself to be a victim of circumstance. With eBay and Amazon being the heinous masterminds tempting me with all those specially customised advertisement emails. They have mastered the art of customer tracking and know what I will spend money on, based on site visits, search informations, cookies, etc. 

Well, that's my best excuse for spending a little too much this month. Once again in my defence, the things I buy are relatively cheap. The key word here is of course 'relatively', and I benchmark with the high end stuff such as Hot Toys which go for hundreds a piece.

Me? I go for candy toys and cheap Funko Pop figures like the one you see above. $10 USD a piece, cheap cheap. Though, if you factor in the taxes and import fees the cost goes up quite a bit. Especially when the annoying thing is Amazon doesn't ship everything over to Singapore and I have to engage the use of 3rd party shipping services.

Still, I'd like to keep my collections focused. The core bulk of my collection consists of Japanese Tokusatsu figures, such as the Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman figures. These are the main things I go for, but I also go for generally popular toy lines I fancy, such as Marvel (Spider-man and Ironman), Transformers (I am resisting the urge to go into the Masterpiece series but I do have Optimus Prime), the recent Kotobukiya Justice League line, and single pieces here and there such as movie inspired figures.

For example, I thought the Jaegers in Pacific Rim were pretty cool and so in my post movie excitement I've started to order the Neca line of the related figures. Not exactly as cheap as my main collection but I find them cool. So.... most probably I'll have to remain with the line for the next series.

And then there's the old classic figures which I can't really ignore if I find one that's cheap enough. Surprisingly I got this Son Goku piece at a really really good price, around $40. And it's huge! I'd totally get this if they have more from the DBZ series. 

More photos: This is the exact position they'd end up on my display shelf, which is coming soon in a matter of weeks.

I've refrained from getting the S.H.Figuarts for the Kamen Riders but I did get the Sentai ones, namely the Red ones but some of the nicer figures such as Dragon Ranger..... do eventually make their way to my collection.

In preparation of my new place I've also printed some mini posters. Getting excited and I plan to make more photos and videos of the entire setting process. Check back here soon for more details! :)

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