Saturday, December 14, 2013

Super Hero Taisen Z - Our 2 cents

Just finished watching the subbed version of Super Hero Taisen Z with Rena. And as usual, it was the case of too many characters and seriously the plot doesn't even matter most of the time. It's fan service the entire way, and many of the nostalgic teams and characters show up for no reason at all. At perhaps that's the whole point. I'm not one to critique shows obviously aimed at children, so you won't get too many complains from me. If I were to complain, usually it's how they completely did certain individuals out of character: doing some thing they would never do back in their own series.

Nonetheless, I guess Rena had a good time remembering all the older Sentai Teams. She recognised most of the Sentai cameos, including the monsters, which was pretty impressive since even I cannot differentiate which monsters are from which series half the time. Her sole complaint: waiting for Gaim's appearance, not knowing that this movie was released before the debut of this year's Rider. Well, what can I say? We had a blast watching and will keep watching as long as they keep making them :)

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