Monday, August 14, 2006

Arrival of our new ride!

Sorry for yet another late update guys. Been feeling rather lazy lately and tired after another hectic week at work. Still having that holiday mood I guess. Main news for this week: we've gotten our yellow Jazz last weekend! I've been driving around quite a bit this 1 week, and have gotten back most of the confidence lost during this 3 and a half years period of not diving. I'm still not very good at parking (though it's slowing coming back to me now), and I suck at navigation on the drive. It took me over an hour to get to my Japanese school last week. I had to stop and refer to my street directory twice, and even went in and out of the ERP twice before I finally got there. Almost gave up half way and was tempted to head for home instead.

Having a car means driving Mrs. Goh around more often to places she wants to do more shopping. We've already went for fireworks viewing, buffet dinner, and 2 trips to Ikea these few days. Bought a hell lot of stuff for our upcoming new flat. And yes, that reminds me.... we've finally gotten the keys! The apartment's very windy and has a good view, though it seems a little small, but all new HDB flats aren't too big as well. Have already met up with our designer again, and will post pics of our new nest once we've get the ball rolling on finalising the design. Too bad we can't start early due to Mabel insisting that the good brothers on holiday during the lunar 7th month might take refuge and refuse to leave when the holiday season ends.

We've also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this week. Nothing special as we've already went for our second honeymoon to Tokyo last week. Just ate sushi (yeah hard to relate to non japanese stuff of late), and went home for an early rest. Bought some cleaning stuff for our car, but havent really gave her a good wash though we've been cleaning her twice to prevent the layer of dust that is accumulating. So far we're very satisfield with our Jazz, and I've also decorated the interior with what else but more Ultraman figures. 3 to be exact: 1 Ultra Teddy by the side, and SD Ultraman and SD Ultraman Tiga in the middle. Will post pics up soon!

Matsuura Aya (松浦亜弥) and Fujimoto Miki (藤本美貴 ) are the latest sub unit formed in Hello! Project. The name of this new unit is called "GAM", which stands for Great Aya & Miki. Their first single to be released on 13/09/2006 is titled "Thanks!", and the PV has already been released. Like many other tracks penned by none other than Tsunku himself, it's a insanely catchy song and it's been playing inside my head for the whole 2 days since I've seen the PV. Miki seems to have lost weight while Aya seems a littly flabby....

Can't wait for the single to be released so I can upload it to my Ipod and play it in my car while travelling to work. I've provided a link to the PV here, so do check out Ayaya and Mikitty's funky and groovy moves! *Update on other H!P news: the 8th Morning Musume auditions have officially began!

Finally got my hands on Gouten, Makai Knight Garo's horse from the hit series Garo. I've been wanting to get this for quite some time already, but needed to save up as it costs about $100. It was selling at a good price in Japan when we were there, but I didn't get it as it was pretty big and bulky and would take up too much luggage space. I was quite worried when I heard that it was almost sold out in Singapore, and luckily I managed to find 1 last one while combing China Square on National Day. Mabel wasn't really pleased at all when I found it...

Mabel also found her Hard Gay Tomy toy over at Mike's place at Lucky Chinatown (picture coutesy of pinkertonchew from the Ultraman Lah forum). She's been a fan of Sumitani Razor Ramon since I showed her some Hard Gay clips (subbed by Bakafish) on youtube. For your info, Hard Gay has nothing to do with porn and he's a Japanese comedian who does outrages acts to the general public. Anyway, we've had quite some fun with this toy and I'm sure she'll show this toy to who ever visits our flat in the future. :)

As I've mentioned previously, been feeling tired + lazy (deadly combo) lately, and will stop here for the time being. To check back soon, as I will at the very least try and update once every week. More if there's interesting stuff to share, or releases from H!P. Less if I'm being taxed more at work, or training up for the coming Army Half Marathon. Till the next update, take care and check back soon!

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