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I hosted a secondary school classmate gathering/house warming at my place last weekend. I was really glad that most of my secondary school friends could make it. Sadly, we were so engrossed with catching up with old times and watching a movie that we completely forgot to take some pictures of the occasion. And by time Mabel finally realised we need to take some shots, only the some of the girls were still around. Still, at least I have some pretty girls to take a picture together. From the left, there is Mabel and me (duh), Noel and Ying Yuan, Diana, and Aihua. Diana had ordered a very nice gift for us, and I'd like to thank everyone who turned up. Thank you all for the gifts, and I hope you've enjoyed the lunch as much as we did.

I've completed yet another semester in my quest to be able to speak effective Japanese. We took our test last week, and we're moving on to Upper Intermediate 2 next week after a short break this week. As opposed to previous tests where we were supposed to grab a partner and to come up with a short conversation, we were supposed to write a short composition on 1 of 6 topics provided. Me, being the lazy one in class, chose the easiest one of course: self introduction. Although lazy, I still put in some effort and came up with a 1 page essay ok.... Here's what I wrote and read for the test:



僕は日本のアニメと漫画が大好きです。子供のとき、たくさん漫画を読みました。たとえば、鳥山明のドラゴンボールと藤子不二雄のドラえもん。あの時から今日まで、僕はいつも漫画を買いました。今夢中の漫画は岸本斉史の<なると>、久保 帯人の<ブリーチ>、と人気があるの<デスノート>。死神のノートに名前を書いた、あの人は絶対に死ぬ。天才対天才の戦いは面白いですよね。僕は日本のJPOPも大好きです。一番好きなグルプはモ―二ング娘です。7年前に初めて聞きましたから、今まで全部の新しい歌を喜んで聴きます。他の好きな歌手は、松浦亜弥と石川梨華。毎日運転するとき、日本のJPOPしか聞きません。僕の望みはモ―二ング娘のライフコンサトへ行きます。


I'm too lazy to translate and type again in English, and I doubt many of you are interested in what I've said. Basically I talked about me and Mabel, my interest in manga and anime, and also some stuff on Morning Musume. I end off by saying I'll not quit and also got for my JLPT 3 this year because I had to sit out on last year's exam.
Mabel's returned from her company sponsored trip to Osaka, Japan. And as expected, she didn't get me my Rakuten Eagles jersey. I ordered it online, only to have the company return my mail the next day saying they do not send products to Singapore. How sad. I've asked my sensei for help and hopefully she can do something to help import the shirts over. Anyway, Mabel got lots of Japanese snacks back, and it makes up for the majority of her harvest. She didn't take an awful lot of pictures, due to the fact that she took a smaller sized memory card with her for the trip. She visited a couple of Japanese temples and shrines, and also Universal Studios Japan. There are some videos of otters swiming around and biting Kelly's jacket, but I'm not sure whether I want to convert and post em up on youtube. And there's also a lot of publicity such as huge posters for the new Spidey movie, since the world premiere will be in Japan this time round.

And because I'm still bearing a grudge within my heart that she got to go to Japan this year without me, I've already gotten her to agree to another Japan trip at the end of the year. Similar to last year, it's going to be free and easy, and most probably we're going to check out other parts of Tokyo we've missed out the previous 2 times. Time to start doing research and to plan for more places to visit. Mabel wishes to go during the winter period, which I prefer as well since we went during the spring and summer time the previous times. I've been saving up on my vacation incentives, and this will be the trip to let go. Muahaha!

Behold! Mabel's latest dish: the ever famous chicken-egg-noodles! No, not the Oyako-don, but rather the chicken and egg combo noodles dish based on the popular meal sold in the OCS canteen. Not that it's a copy though, cause I only told Mabel about the uncanny resemblence after she had prepared the meal. And as usual, I gobbled it all down within minutes. It tasted heavenly, especially with a dash of smoked Tasbaco sauce thrown in. No complains from me, and I'd go for seconds if I didn't have to watch my weight for the upcoming IPPT.

Mabel, on the other hand, is more critical of her own cooking. Even before I could lift my fork and knife, she was already bombarding me with a horde of questions on how to improve the next time. I didn't really answer her much and ate to my heart's content before telling her that it was really good. She didn't think so, and told me dozens of ways she's already though of to improve her cooking. It's this time of conversations which make me feel like a test subject, but well at least I get to taste some great dishes. I just want to thank her once again, for making all these wonderful meals for me. Thanks dar! (no she's not watching me type these words, but sleeping early as usual)
Another new single has been released by Morning Musume! Boy they're really hardworking these days (their 33rd single and they've just released their 8th album recently as well. It's been barely 2 months since Egao Yes Nude, and they've come up with yet another great single. I've gotta respect Tsunku for churning out hit after hit for all the H!P groups. He composes and writes almost all their songs, and most of them make it to the Oricon charts. Simply amazing. The new single is called Kanashimi Twilight (悲しみトワイライト). I'd just like to say that Sayumi and Kusumi looks absolutely fabulous this time round, and Hitomi looks really wild in that hair (just look at her final pose in the live performance below). Newcomer Aika looks like a little girl, which is bad :( . The outfits reminds me a lot of Roman My Dear Boy, with those short skirts and matching ties. The song itself is pretty good, but I'd still prefer Roman, which made it to the top 25 songs on my Itunes list. But it's still a great single. Check out the PV and live performance here:

Okay, that's it for this post. I'd like to urge you guys to make full use of my tag box. It's easy! Just type in your name, your message, and hit TAG! You don't even need to enter your email. Feel free to drop a note of two, of what you think about Mabel's cooking, my wastage of money on figures, manga, etc. And do vote in the poll if you haven't done so. I've put in more photos because most of the voters opted for more photographs. See, I listen and make improvements too. Until next week, take care!

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