Sunday, August 19, 2007

Singapore anime fans unite against ODEX

For those who have no idea what Odex is and what possible threat it poses to the entire Singapore anime fan community, you can check out this FAQ posted by SWAT from the hardwarezone forums. As a proud anime lover, I have to stand united with the rest of the local otakus. Odex have been taking money from anime downloaders since their business have dwindled due to low quality DVDs which no one enjoys. It's not even a fine, just a "settlement sum", which obviously mean that they have no intention of bringing us quality anime titles, and instead just want to abuse their rights and get as much money as they can from us. This.... has got to stop.

Main picture above and video are created by nch85.

From Odex Revolution:

There will be a collection of Odex cd’s at the youth park for destruction on august 25th, 2007 at the youth park opposite orchard cineleisure! Please bring along your odex box cases to trade them in for a black ribbon. The event will take place at 5:00pm (1700 hrs). Youtubers feel free to visit, all are welcome. Feel free to bring along your 7th month incense burning buckets and containers, paper shredders, sledgehammers, and video cameras.

I'll be taking time off to turn up for the event. Interested parties can link up with me too, but most likely I'm not driving there. For the rest of you anime lovers, spread the word, and let's show Odex that we mean business. For those who do OWN Odex cds, pass'em to me and I'll gladly do the honors. Till my next real post, take care and remember to watch more anime. :)

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