Friday, August 10, 2007


Update for this week was delayed due to contant procrastination which was a combined result of work related fatigue, training for the Army Half Marathon, and also some other matters which required my attention. Nonetheless, it was still a great week as me and Mabel celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. How time flies. We met 7 years ago, and tied the knot 3 years ago, both dates the 8th of August. 0808!

We told each other that gifts were uncalled for, and the best language of love we could provide for each other out of the 5 was quality time together. And just for the curious, the other 4 languages of love are: acts of service, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, and physical touch. And just to be safe and not fall into any traps, I ordered a bouquet of flowers for her...... just in case.

We had dinner at Mirama hotel, in a Japanese restaurant called Ikoi. It was a buffet kind of dinner, where we could order anything we want, and the dishes came in small, bite sized portions for the noodles and rice. Every now and then, the waitress would come with some other dishes complimentary on the house, such as sea food tea and vegetable soup. It's a very nice place with good food. Though a little pricey, I recommend those who love Japanese cuisine to give this place a visit.

Mabel, on the other hand, got for us a pair of african cannibals. As cute as they are, I'm not very sure if I want to be depicted as the male african with a bone in my hair, while Mabel's portrayed as the female cannibal. More and more little photo sets and figurines are beginning to appear on our shoe rack, which is good but will require more cleaning up due to the ever green flow of dust particles coming into our house..... Sigh.

We visited Compasspoint mall the next day, and had a full lunch at Swensons. It was so filling that we missed dinner back home, and while Mabel watched the National Day parade on TV I was trying to finish an assignment from work. It's another video production for an upcoming event. Seems my last video received good feedback and now I've been arrowed...err, tasked to do another one. This time just bigger and more time taking. And not forgetting Misa, we actually took 3 pieces of "presents" for her from our dinner at the Japanese restaurant. She received a carrot stick, a celery stick, and also a cucumber stick. Check out the video to find out which one's her favourite.

Haven't been showing much of Mabel's home cooked delights, possibly because we've been eating out more frequently these days, and also eating back at both our parents' places. I'm sure that nobody voting for her in the poll has nothing to do with it. :) Anyway she's got the ingredients ready for the Oyako don, and most probably you'll get to see the pics here on this blog next week.

Completed my Japanese course Upper Intermediate 2 course last week, and have already paid up my course fees for the next level. More importantly, I've registered for this year's Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level 3 exams. Although I'm currently in preparations for my level 2 exam next year, I feel that there is a need to clear my level 3 first, like the rest of my classmates. I've missed last year's due to an overseas work assignment, but rest assured nothing's going to stop me this year. For those interested in taking up Japanese, you may want to check out my school at

One of the more senior officers in my work place got to know about my passion for Japanese stuff, and he passed 2 DVDs of Japanese movies to me this week. I've heard about these 2 titles, and getting to watch them at home's going to be a great experience. I've also been trying to hunt down the 300 DVD which was recently released, but it seems that not all stalls carry it, possibly due to its mature theme. Can't wait till I get that DVD and blast it over my home entertainment system. :p

I've been getting really psyched up for the Kamen Rider Den-O movie. The past few episodes of the series have been steadily leading up to the climax scene in the movie, where 4 Den-Os are gathered from different points in time to battle the new movie exclusive rider. Kamen Rider Den-O: I am Born! (仮面ライダー電王 俺、誕生) will be shown in theaters in August 4, 2007. The film will feature the renegade Kamen Rider Gaoh who takes control of the DenLiner to bring it to the Edo period in order to find his own train, the GaohLiner, so he can take over all of time and space. Along side I am Born!, the Juken Sentai Gekiranger movie Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Hō-Hō! Hong Kong Decisive Battle will be shown as a double feature. A short animated feature called Momotaros's Summer Vacation will also be shown. Kamen Rider Den-O has been parodied and referenced in recent episodes of various anime, such as Sgt. Frog (ケロロ軍曹) & Hayate the Combat Butler (ハヤテのごとく!, Hayate no Gotoku!).

Recently, Crayon Shin-chan has a special episode where characters from Den-O made appearances on the show. This special is titled "Crayon Shin-chan Midsummer Night: Ora (I) Have Arrived! The Storm is Called Den-O vs. Shin-O 60 Minute Special!!" (クレヨンしんちゃん 真夏の夜にオラ 参上!嵐を呼ぶ 電王VSしん王 60分スペシャル!) Check out the video linked below for a good laugh!

I've installed a new feature on this site recently, and it enables me to check out where my visitors are coming from. Surprisingly, I've got a number of hits from Japan. I'd expect people from the States, Canada and Hong Kong based on some of the other sites I visit, but having guests from 日本really cheers me up. Well, hopefully this post is lengthly enough to make up for my late submission. For those yet to poll, please check out the column to the right. Mabel's dishes needs your vote! Haha~ Ja!
Ending off with a very nice song from B'z called Eien no Tsubasa (永遠の翼)

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