Sunday, July 29, 2007


It's been nearly a year since our last trip to Tokyo, Japan. We're actually in the midst of planning for another trip in November this year, and are getting more friends to go with us this time. It'll be another free and easy trip, where me and Mabel will plan most of the itinerary and cover more of the tourist attractions, such as Disneyland and Asakusa Temple, and of course Akihabara. Interested? Contact me or Mabel!

We woke up early this week as well, and headed for town to avoid the jam which begins late morning. As expected, there wasn't a lot of people out on the roads at 9:30am, so the trip to Takashimaya was smooth and parking lots were abundant. I wanted to get some books from Kinokuniya, specifically the Claymore English manga, but sadly they only had volumes 5 to 8. Nonetheless, I got for myself the Death Note final volume 12, Naruto 38 and Bleach 28.

Mabel, on the other hand got for herself lots of stuff, such as clothes and other self beautifying equipment. She also forces me to get more clothes for myself, reason being I can skip the shopping crowds during the festive periods )read: next year's Chinese New Year). For me, I just wanted to make my way to Kino as fast as possible, so I tried whatever clothes she fancied for me and bought 4 shirts, which were more of the same as those already in the wardrobe. We had a late breakfast at a Chinese Dim Sum restaurant, but were too hungry by that time and didn't have a chance to take pictures.

I also got for myself a Kamen Rider Chalice from the Blade series, which was on sale at Takashimaya. Still need a few more to complete the Blade series, but no hurry and I'll most probably wait till all the figures are available. Too bad the Toy sale at Taka, although featured very cheap stuff, didn't have anything which I fancied. Sad, as I was hoping that they would have some Ultraman Mebius figures on sale, like what they had for Nexus a few years back. Too bad, but at least I got something back from the trip.

We bought our national flag from the neighbourhood Residents Committee centre, and displayed up the flag outside our window. It looks really tardy, and sloppily done up, but that's the fault of the HDB contractors. They gave us 2 hooks for us to put up the flag, but the hooks are too near together for the flag! I've already stretched as far as possible, but still the flag cannot be pulled straight. I might need to go and improvise and reposition the hooks. Seems many others are experiencing the same problem in the area. Damn those contractors need to do their home work next time.

Promised to take new pictures of my collection previously, and so here they are. Here you see my Kamen Riders, Garo, SICs, and also some Super Sentai figures. Not a lot, but still a pretty healthy collection. Click on the pics to enlarge.
And here you see my Ultraman collection, with also my Gundam collection, which is dying off as I've got no time to take out my compressor and air brush to make new kits. I'm too lazy to get and mix paint too, so I'm settling for the easier plastic gashapons and figures.

More Ultraman figures, and also the CiBoys which Mabel used to collect. You also get to see my only resin figurine, Yuna from FFX2. I got her for a special price in Taiwan, and I knew I had to take her home.

I chanced upon this video link on a forum, titled "Imagining the Tenth Dimension. It's got me pretty intrigued, and I would have gotten this book if I had more time to find it at Kino today. Check out the video, and learn how the author expresses his theory on the 10 dimensions. To me, the 5th dimension represented the other alternate time lines which originates from the line represented in the 4th dimension, "time". And as the clip mentioned, there are 2 ways of changing time, by either going back to the past in the 4th dimension to create the 5th dimensional new "you", or creating a fold via the 6th dimension, which is the short cut. There are still lotsa of unanswered questions and other hypothesis,but I'm not going to think too much on this. I do, however, having a sudden urge to go see Back to the Future, where the alternate future was created when Marty brought Biff back to the past to hand the sports almanac to his younger self (to create the 6th dimension).
Having just bought manga volume 38, one of the articles in between the chapters showed this picture which I found interesting. People who buy the official manga will know that Kishimoto includes short stories usually on his past experiences, how he came to love DBZ, etc. Among those stories are also fan art, and introduction to his staff members or his assistant artists. This picture is drawn by one of them. Finally, Naruto looks like Hokage material! There are other pictures, but not as creative nor interesting. Sorry for the low quality though. I don't have my scanner with me and took this with a camera. Click to enlarge.
Another week, another update. Last one for July, before we hit August! I've also updated the poll (finally), with some new options for you to choose this time. Please vote, so that I can (try to) include what's more wanted on this site. Until next month, I'm leaving you with this clip of Morning Musume performing their single, Onna ni Sachi Are on the latest Haromoni on the 22th of July.

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