Sunday, July 15, 2007


Weekends are the best. Not just because I get to taste Mabel's cooking, but also a good time to chill out and do stuff which I normally can't find time to do on weekdays. This week, Mabel tried her hand in making curry and fried rice. And as usual, we invited friends over for dinner and also to try out my wife's cooking.

The dinner spread included fried rice, which was inspired by Mabel's colleague Vanessa, chicken wings in teriyaki sauce, and also curry chicken with bread from Delifrance. Another sumptious and full meal, I must say. Now you'd probably realise why I'm always looking forward to the weekends.
I'm going to get even fatter from all these meals, so while Mabel was busy preparing the good (hey not that I didn't want to help but I was seen as a nuisance in the kitchen), I was setting up my room for a work out session, with a dance mat I got at a discount price and the software known as Step Mania. I had downloaded some H!P and Morning Musume songs to play to, and while I started the game like a duck trying to get the steps right, I began to catch the rhythms and beats and could clear most of the stages. Even William got into the game and we were playing till past midnight. Here's a video of one of the stages. DDR seems a little dated, but believe me we were both sweating it out trying to get A ranks.

"Kamen Rider: The Next" teaser trailer and poster is out. The movie mirrors the story of Kamen Rider V3, in that Shirō Kazami is captured by Shocker (in V3, it is Destron, and the Double Riders turn Kazami into Kamen Rider V3 by his own choice), and turned into a cyborg, just as they had done to Hongo and Ichimonji. However, Kazami is just spying on Shocker so he can find his sister that they kidnapped, and meets up with the first two Kamen Riders in his search.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (機動戦士ガンダム00) is the latest television anime of Sunrise's long-running Gundam franchise. Premiering in October, I'm definately looking forward to this new series. The Gundam designs in this new series remind me a lot of the Destiny series Gundams, which while isn't a really bad thing since the show was action based, I'm hoping the series will do better than Destiny because I thought it sucked. Well, only time will tell. Will post my thoughts as more information on the show gets released.
Just realised that I've chalked up to nearly $150 worth of goods to be collected this coming week from Sze Huat, our resident toy seller from Ultraman Lah. Well, it's not really that shocking, considering that I've not bought anything in ages, and instead kept most of my ordered stuff with him in the time being. Will be making a trip to Chinatown this week to pick up my figures, which include the Ultimate Solid 3 series (shown above).
The Ultraman Mebius Hyper Detail set which includes 2 versions of Ultra Seven, who celebrates his 40th birthday this year, Ultraman Mebius in his Burning Brave mode, Ultraman Hikari and also Father of Ultra.

Also out is the Vol.8 of the Equip and Prop series for Garo. This time the White Knight gets released. It's been a while since any Garo figures were released, and I'll have to get this just because the movie rocked, and that I've collected most of the series in this line anyway.

Another line which I've been keeping since the start is the Kamen Rider Sofubi series. This time, the 2 riders I'm getting are: Kamen Rider Kuuga. and.....

Kamen Rider Amazon! I hear that Kamen Rider Hibiki is the next in line in this detailed and high detailed series. It's really amazing that such a high level figure is being made of riders which series are shown over 30 years ago. Good stuff, and I'm looking forward to the day where Kamen Rider Black gets the conversion.

And occasionally, the sofubi series also releases special editions of figures (whenever copyright issues are covered for). This time, Spider-man gets the sofubi treatment! 2 versions, the symbiote black Spider-man and also the normal red and blue version. Both looks great, and I'll be taking pics and posting it up here when I get my figures this week.
That's all for this post. I'll end this week with another J-pop PV. It's from the ED theme of the anime "Claymore", which both Mabel and me are watching. As I've mentioned in several previous posts, this show rocks. Do try and watch if you're into serious anime. Good stuff, and better than Naruto and Bleach (which I've dropped) anyday. Till next week, ja!


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