Friday, September 07, 2007


Well, no updates for the past 2 weeks due to work piling up on my desk. It's been a really hectic period for me, due to numerous key events in the work place which required my attention. And the arrows keep on flying, one after another as if trying to chain into a record breaking combo. This coming weekend is the first in 3 weeks where I do not have to work. Still, it beats not having anything to do, and at least there is the all important job satisfaction that comes along with each assignment. Not much, but it's there. :)

One of the major taskings was the Army Open House 2007, which officially ended on Monday this week. I was one of the presenters, and it wasn't easy maintaining a smile for 5 continous days and explaining the same thing over and over again. But I did get to meet interesting people, and also some old friends who paid me a visit. Mabel also got the chance to step into the place I work in. She made me breakfast, and thankfully for her I did not need to work on an empty stomach.

She also got her chance to fire the SAR 21 using live rounds, and also got to see the various urban operation demonstrations which I didn't have the chance to go even though I was there. Most of the time I'm giving out souvenirs or explaining about my systems. I would have loved to be walking around and enjoying myself in bermudas and sandals, but being part of the working committee does have its perks, such as having my own parking lot. :)
I read that guinea pigs were social animals and thrive best in the company of others. Feeling that Misa was lonely and she needed a friend, we bought Kiki. Behold! The latest member into our household. Kiki's just 7 weeks old, and is obviously smaller than Misa. I was concerned about a few issues, namely whether Misa was able to accept a new friend into her territory, and whether Kiki could even survive the night. Initially, I wanted them to orientate to each other so I placed them on the floor, and they were pretty intrigued by each other, and were sniffing here and there. My fears were confirmed after Kiki entered the cage. Misa didn't like the idea of having another sharing her bowl and toilet, let alone food and water. She began to attack Kiki, and Kiki could only cry for help. Her cries broke our hearts, and I spent a good hour trying to ensure that they get along, and also tried to "neutralise" the cage so that Misa could accept her.

I removed the toilet, changed the water dispenser locations, and introduced new items for them such as identical tissue boxes which they can hide in. They were pretty much ok after this, but whenever Kiki starts to roam around Misa would try and stalk her. I was pretty concerned, and in the end I placed the cage beside my bed so that I can stop any fights in the night. That was the plan. A few hours later I couldn't stand their sounds and took them outside. May the best pig win, and god speed to Kiki, I thought. Surprisingly, I didn't find a dead guinea the next morning, and they were on much better terms by nightfall. I bought new stuff for Kiki, and always ensured that they received equal amounts of treats. Now, they're getting along much better, although you're still see and hear the occasional scuffle. Will post some videos or more pics soon.
The trailer for the sequel to the Alien Vs Predator movie has just been released this week. Like many fans who were sore disappointed by the first movie, I didn't have high hopes for this one and really wanted it to do justice to the 2 franchises which were iconic in their own right. And whaddya know, this trailer was a knock out, and really looks to deliver. I'm really thrilled by it, and by the looks of it, this movie will fall under the R category due to its violent themes. Hopefully the Singapore censors don't go happy with the snipper fingers and the movie will remain faithful to the original cut. Here's the trailer on youtube. Alternatively, you can go to the official site for a much higher quality version.

A 13-part documentary on all the Final Fantasy games is being shown weekly on I've been downloading the videos weekly (yes it's free and comes in good quality), and its bringing back a sense of nostagia. It's been over a decade since I first played a Final Fantasy game, and back then I was immersed in the world of Final Fantasy VII, and I was captivated by the game..... its plot, characters, music, everything. This propelled me to play FF VI on an emulator, and I enjoyed it fully too. I then went on and played all subsequent FF games, except for XI which was a MMORPG. Sadly I didn't complete XII too because I've been too busy. My fave will always be FFX. The story between Tidus and Yuna was epic, and the way the plot unfolded was brilliant. It had an awesome soundtrack (which I bought), and memorable characters. I'd play the game again if I didn't have to work (win Toto).....

Jyuken Sentai: Gekirangers is turning out to be a fine series after all. This show is so much fun! Its awesome seeing how the characters develop in the series, and it can't hurt to introduce new rangers too. For the first time in all 31 years of Sentai history, we have a purple ranger. Geki Violet made his debut not too long ago, and he's based on a wolf motif who uses muay thai style martial arts. Although officially there isn't any reference to muay thai at all in the show, the suit design and the moves are a dead giveaway. Upcoming, expect to see a white ranger, using a rhino motif and uses Karate. What will they think of next..... anyway check out the henshin sequence of Geki Violet, along with his entrance pose and the new roll call sequence!

Kamen Rider Den-O is making a huge wave in Japanese culture as well. I've never seen a rider series parodied and referenced in so many other shows, and the popularity of this show is rising. Not surprising actually. This series has also became my fave Kamen Rider series in recently years, over taking Hibiki, Blade and Kabuto. As much as I detested the suit designs previously, I'm getting to love them now due to the show. The light hearted show has a lot of hillarious moments, and kudos to the stunt actors and Ryoutaro who were able to pull of the different personalities of the various imagins. Check out this scene here, where the 3 other imagins return to join Momotaros in combat. Gotta love the way Momo reacts, and the way he panics when the others appear on his body. "My face is peeling!" Hahaha! A new form is on the way, and from the first pics I felt that the suit is less than attractive, but in a similar way like the other suits, I'm pretty sure I'll grow to accept it.

I'm not too sure if I can find time to update next week, but I'll definately try. One of the reasons I don't update regularly is also the lack of photos and topics. Haven't been going around recently, so we're taking less pics. Having been watching any new movies or anime series, so less stuff to write about too. Well, I'll try and include any interesting stuff, but no promises. Until the next update, ja!


Anonymous said...

serve army for 2 years, why should we bother to go the open house? It does not show any secret weapon.
Then we can drive the tank? No right?

Psyke aka Sean (ショーン) said...

The army exists to defend Singapore, and not just to "torture" NSFs for 2 years. Open House isn't only for locals, but also to showcase the army's capabilities to our neighbours.