Sunday, September 30, 2007


Alright! It's been a while since the last entry, but I've finally took some new pics to show, especially of Misa and new member Kiki too. Friends who came over recently were exclaiming how big Misa has grown. Well, I didn't really notice because I see her everyday, but by comparing some of the older pics I'd realise that yeah she's really getting bigger. Still damn cute though. Kiki's been putting on weight too. Must be all the good food we've been providing to the both of them.
We spent Sunday morning with my family members, and we visited one of the popular chinese dim sum restaurants in Tampines. Although it was a late breakfast, we were so full that we almost skipped dinner entirely. After the meal, we went browsing through the department stores and I got the following stuff:
A set of Ultraman keychains! 7 of the Ultramen were in the set, and they were based on the Ultraman Mebius movie, so you'd find the 5 brothers including Ultraman Mebius and Zoffy. It was a rather super deformed version of their normal counterparts, and very kawaii. However, I need to find a place to hang these as they can't stand by their own in my cabinet. I haven't bought any stuff in recent months, and this would make a perfect addition to my collection.
More SD goodness in the form of the Kamen Riders from Den-O. I've got the previous few sets from Kabuto, and these will make good additions to the current riders that I own. I didn't get the entire set though. There were 2 boxes, of Ryoutaro in human form and also Den-O on a bike (similar to the one in the Kabuto set). As far as I'm concerned, I have a no ningen (人間 human)and no kaiju (怪獣 monster) rule in my cabinet. Haha~
Misa was suffering from a mite problem previously, and we didn't want Kiki to catch it, so we decided to purchase one of those lotions for her to solve the problem once and for her. I read that the mange mites weren't particularly vicious and harmful, but still we wanted her to be squeaky clean. Thus, we applied the lotion on her, made her smell bad for an entire night, and gave the 2 of them a bath the next day. And amazingly, the mites were gone after just 1 treatment. You can check out the video below, which shows the 2 of them getting the hair dryer treatment. Kiki tends to squeeze under Misa, to take cover from the hair dryer. Clever, but Misa doesn't appreciate it much some times.......

I've gotten a request from a friend recently, to help create a video montage for their wedding ceremony. It's the first time I've agreed on it, seeing that I've got some experience with some work related media clips. Thus, I've began to familiarise myself with some video editing software instead of using Flash this time. Here's what I created as a trial. I did it in one sitting, and it was my first attempt at using Premiere. I know that there's something wrong with the audio near the midpoint, but I'm too lazy to re-encode the video and to upload it all over again. Ha~

I'm currently addicted to a certain PSP game. For fans of the Final Fantasy series, I'm sure that you have played Final Fantasy VII, hailed as many as the best role playing game ever. Although the original FFVII is already over a decade old, it still has a large following of fans. The series has many spin off games and movies, including Dirge of Cereberus, FFVII: Last Order, Advent Children, and this one for the PSP, called Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. To prepare myself for the game, I even rewatched Last Order, and went to gamefaqs to re-read the plot for FFVII. The plot of the original game was full of interesting twists and revelations, so much so that the average non-FF fan who watched Advent Children would be totally confused. To start with, Crisis Core isn't a sequel to FFVII, but a prequel. The main character Zack, isn't a new character. He appeared in the original FFVII, and was only a memory who appeared in Cloud's flashbacks. Cloud had an identity crisis, and somehow mixed up his memories with those of Zack's. Things get more complicated, and I was really glad I updated myself again with the plot, or else the entire story wouldn't make much sense.

Sadly, the English version of the game won't be out until next year, so I'll have to make do with the Japanese version now. Here's where my Japanese knowledge comes in handy. I still can't connect with the cut scenes and dialogue fully, but I have no problems with all the in game menus and reading all the commands as well as the configurations. I'm current at level 33 with Zack, and spending time upgrading my gear and materia. I'll definately get the English version once it releases next year, as this has proved to be one of the best games for the PSP yet.

Season 2 of the Heroes premiered early this week. And it was worth the wait. I was so glad to see Hiro again, albeit stuck in the 17th century of feudal Japan. Most of the characters from season 1 are back, including new characters who have demonstrated unhumanly powers. Will definately be keeping a close watch on the series, and hopefully the series will be able to retain my interest, unlike Lost which really lost me at season 3 onwards.

The 5th ranger appears, and with that the story has been taken to a whole new level. Again, this is the first sentai series which I've followed over 30 episodes. I tried to get into Boukenger last year, but some of the guys in the team were such turn offs that I deleted all the episodes which I've downloaded in the span of a few months. Gekirangers are more fun, and although it's more kiddy than Kamen Rider, the show's very fun and is full of interesting characters, as well as erm.... animals. The characters in the show are all masters in certain types of animal based skills, and as the story goes, 10 such humans were changed into animals after going over the limit with their powers.

The animal kensei fighting on the side of the good guys (Jyuuken) include (here goes): a cat, a bat, an elephant, a gorilla, a penguin, a shark, and a gazelle. They even have names which take a pun at movie stars.... the shark is named Shakie Chan (Jackie Chan), the bat named Bat Li (Jet Li). the penguin named Michelle Peng (Michelle Yeoh), the gorilla named Gory Yen (Corey Yuen), etc. Sounds dumb, and it's worse that it sounds. Still, it's good entertainment material. Well at least for me.

It's been a long week for me, but at least the lighting at the end of the tunnel is shining dimly. Our trip to Tokyo is almost a month away, and Mabel's getting so excited she's already began packing. I'm still not getting the mood yet, probably because October's going to be another busy month for me. But well, I've got my sights ready on some of the must-visit places, so I'm not too worried about the itinerary.... yet. Till next time, ja! Ending off with my fave song at the moment, Egao by Matsuura Aya.


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Nice work done on your wedding pictures video! Very classy and "flowy"! 2 thumbs up :)

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