Tuesday, June 10, 2008

メタルギア ソリッドシリーズの最新作, 参上!

This week sees another birthday party for Mabel. Again, close friends gathered and while the girls gathered in the kitchen to prepare some home made food such as fried rice and pasta (complete with dessert), the guys brought along their PSPs and had a marathon session of multiplayer games. We played so much that each of us had to re-charge out sets halfway through the game. The rest of the time were spent talking and discussing about parenthood, since Cheryl and Adrian's baby would soon be due, and that we had a lot to learn from them. I've yet to read the book which they gave us as a gift last week. The title of the book is "What to expect when you're expecting". Well, don't expect Mabel to read anything except magazines so most probably I'll be the one to scan through and summarise for her in the end. I've logged nearly 80km as of today, and I've been running so much that I've hit over 22km in the past 3 days alone. I've also been exploring new places such as Pungol Park, where I did my 10km run in the morning on Sunday. I've been experiencing some pain with my knees, so I'll most probably cut down but will try to log a few km everyday. Reason? I've joined a couple of challenges with runners all over the world, and every run counts when you're trying to win. :p
I've also signed up for the Nike+ Human race 10k, where runners all over the world gather on the same day to run 10km, for the charity foundation of your choice. Sounds fun, since you're running for a good cause and it would be interesting to take part in an event of such a magnitude. It costs around $50, but you'll get a runners' pack along with a Nike shirt which you'll have to wear on the day of the run. Anyone else interested? We can go together, so get in touch with me!

This is a very special week too, because I've actually been counting down to the 12th of June since over a year ago. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots finally gets released this Thursday! I've been a big fan of the previous series, and this game is the definitive reason to own a PS3. I've always resisted getting the PS3, since the game I've wanted to play most has yet to be released. But all this will change soon, and I'm planning to get the game along with the set as early as possible, hopefully with an additional Dual Shock 3 controller as well as a few games. MGS4 has received a perfect score from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. Only eight games so far have received perfect scores from the publication, which is considered the most respected video game news magazine in Japan. Definately getting more and more excited since some of the videos show really really awesome stuff. While I try and decide which colour of the PS3 to get, check out a video of the game here:

Weezer released their new single called "Pork & Beans" not too long ago. The video for the single features many YouTube stars and Internet memes, such as the including Gary Brolsma (numa numa), the Afro Ninja, Chris Crocker, Miss South Carolina Teen USA, Kevin Federline , the Dramatic Prairie Dog (including lookalikes of H!P group Mini Moni), the Sneezing Panda, the Soulja Boy dance, and many more. It's awesome because all these people have ruled YouTube for the past years, and shows how much a Internet geek I am because I recognise so many of them. Haha.... yeah the video won't make much sense for non-YouYube regulars, but the song rocks so you need to check it out:
On Internet fads, YouTube stars and Internet memes, a South Park episode featured many more of these "stars", and the result was a truly hillarious episode. The video below includes clips of the original videos which were spoofed from, so you can catch up on them if you've missed any. Hope you have a good laugh, just as I did.
I might just be staying up overnight playing MGS4 while you're reading this, or playing a few rounds of Dragonball: Burst Limit over the internet, so I might not have too much time to post. Nah, I'll still have time when Mabel hogs the TV for her dramas. So until the next time in which I'll try to give my initial 2 cents on MGS4, I'm checking out. "Snnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeeeeeeeee!""
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