Sunday, June 29, 2008

MGS 4 を二度完成したばかりでした

Finally, I've managed to pry myself away from Metal Gear Soild 4: Guns of The Patriots long enough to get back to my normal routine, which of course includes the updating of this blog. It's been a while, so hopefully I can get back to track. After all, not too much has been happening lately. Nothing too exciting nor fanciful, but I like it this way some times. As long as I can taste Mabel's cooking, surf the net, and get to my games, I'm a happy man. Of course, I'd be a lot happier once we get a new member of the family at the end of the year.
Good friend Kelly celebrated her birthday along with us, and we were more than delighted to have Kiyaan joining us again. Babies grow at such a rate than once you blink, you'd swear that they've grown a few inches taller. He's such an active and cute baby boy that everyone was crowding around him to take pictures, and poor Kelly had lesser attention although it was her birthday. Nonetheless, Kiyaan was the real star and its pretty evident that Wee Lee and Kelly are happy and happy parents.
More close friends are getting pregnant lately, and this is truly the season to have babies. Cheryl and Adrian just welcomed their baby girl last week, and we visited them the next day to hear of their experience. We will have at least 4 more sets of couples expecting their child before ours, so more stories to come soon. Mabel and me need more experience sharing sessions so that we'd be better prepared for ours.
Ok, back to my story. PS3 was bought on the day MGS4 was released, as I promised 1 year ago. Completed the game in 4 days, 2 of which were working days, so I only played at night. 1st run through took me 21 hours. Doubt that I will be hardcore enough to go for the no kills and no alerts run, since my attention span doesn't run that long and that I have other games to look forward to. Completed my second run, and will be tempted to download a save file from gamefaqs to try out all the optional and secret items.
The game itself was magnificent, although I thought that 1st time gamers into the series would be totally lost. The plot is definately not a easy one to digest, spanning though decades and spreading across 5 games. Fans who have played the original Metal Gear Solid game on the Playstation are bought to be overwhelmed with nostalgia, due to the fact that the game revisits the locations of the very 1st MGS game, revamped in HD graphics of course. Hideo Kojima even gave us a dream sequence where we controlled the PS1 version of Snake at the start of the scenario. Truly awesome. Easter eggs and references were plentiful too, using gamers a sense of how far the industry's gone ahead, and how long the series have entertained us gamers. Remember back on the PS1, half way through Shadow Moses Island where we needed to change from Disc 1 to Disc 2? Here's a really funny codec conversation between Otacon and Snake. Really hillarious!
I bought Devil May Cry 4 along with the set and with MGS4, but never really had the time or chance to play it until 2 days ago. I was either playing MGS4/Metal Gear Online, or Dragon Ball: Burst Limit, which I bought a week after. I'm a fan of the series, having played through all the previous installments, so I'm familiar with the game style and the controls. Good stuff so far, fabulous graphics, and best of all the gameplay really shines. Hopefully this will take long enough for me to save up for another game.
Like I mentioned earlier, I bought Burst Limit a week after I got the set. Actually, I wanted to buy it along with MGS4, but during that time only the Japanese version was released. I was really tempted to buy it, but was afraid that the online aspect would only limit connections to asia regions, so I decided to wait for the US version instead. Came with the same bonus artwork as the Japanese version, but they didn't give the Goku figure. On the game, I actually didn't get like it at first. I enjoyed the one on the PSP, and this one made some changes which I didn't like. Sure the graphics were awesome and it looks like you're actually controlling the anime, but gameplay wise I actually preferred the PSP version. Button mashing sucks, but the depth of some of the gameplay mechanics makes up for this. Sadly, it only ends at the Cell saga so we'd be expecting yet another sequel pretty soon. Don't think I'll get it, unless they really revamp the system to make a better fighting engine. The online aspect sucks too, since I always get connected to countries far far away, and the game lags too much to be enjoyable. It's a good game still, and the only game I have which supports 2 players currently (except for the demo games I downloaded off the PSN network). On the topic of Dragonball, I hear the movie's teaser is going to be released soon. The official banner has already been sighted (picture on the right), so most probably we'll be getting some things to hopefully get excited about really soon.
Watched The Incredible Hulk with Mabel last weekend. While Ironman has actually set the standard pretty high, I thought that Hulk did well, although just short of the same level. Comparing to the Ang Lee version a few years back, I thought that both movies were very different and I preferred this one because it tries less to show the "torn apart" side of Banner, and concentrated on the action scenes with a kick ass final confrontation. There were plenty of references to the upcoming Justise League movie, just as Nick Fury's name popping up, talk of the Super Soldier project, and even a cameo from Tony Stark. I was pretty happy that Lou Ferrigno, who played the Hulk in the 1970s series, made a cameo in the show. And of course, Stan Lee was there too.
On the very same day, we met some friends and decided to watch a movie together. As it was already quite late, most of the other shows were either filled up or some of us had already watched it. So, we decided to watch Shaolin Girl (少林少女) instead. It was a really bad move. The movie was so bad that Mabel fell asleep and I had the urge to leave and head home. Even Kung Fu Dunk (which I thought was shit) was better than this. It had great potential, which went wasted and it went plotless for more than half of the movie. Please, stay away from this film. Stephen Chow better do better with Dragonball as the producer.
Engine Sentai Go-Onger's 2 new members call themselves the Go-on Wings: Go-on Silver and Go-on Gold. It's the first time in the series 32 years history that a female member's joined the original cast. They've got 7 regular members now, and I think more are coming. This translates to more figures to be collected, no? Well, that's all for this update, so I'm leaving with a scene from the series. Until next week, ja!
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