Sunday, January 17, 2010


Just a quick update! Although I mentioned in the previous update that I would be updating via my phone from since then so that I can upload my updates to blogger, Twitter, and Facebook at the same time, I've decided while it was technically viable, the objective was a little bit side lined. For Facebook, I didn't really want to update the status as frequently as Twitter. For blogger, I figured that I would rather take time to really do some photoshop editing before posting. Hence, I figure all 3 different networks have their own perks and disadvantages.

Hence, Facebook would remain the main place for me to upload albums and other daily status updates. Twitter, on the other hand, would allow me to post all my thoughts and updates, and also pictures should the situation allow (since I don't really carry the camera everywhere I go). So far, I've already got nearly 250 twits in over a week. Yes, I like to write my thoughts down, hence all the posts. Do add me if you've not done so. Just do a search for my name. Blogger, will remain as it is and again, I hope to update often, with not just pics but also news and MVs of what I like.

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I did up this picture of Rena and her cards today, while tending to her on the bed. It was really a random thing, since I was trying to entertain her with a set of round poker cards. And as they say, the pics were quite interesting and the rest is history. Will also be uploading this picture to my other Akiba Studio site. Do check it out if you've not done so, and I'll appreciate links! :p

That's the end of this week's chop chop update. A busy week is up ahead, but hopefully I'll still find time to Twit and also post updates. Also, I've began my run regime in prepartion of the North East run in 2 months time, and also the Sundown Marathon in 5 months time. Ending off with a PV from Jpop group Ikimonogakari called Yell. It's a very nice song with meaningfull lyrics. Till next week, ja!

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