Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Year of the Super Heroes!

And like all the other fans of the Marvel and DC movies, I'm looking forward to the big 3 this year. Starting off with The Avengers, which has the fans anticipating its release since it was first teased in Ironman 2, followed by the respective movies of each of the main hero. It's going to be a huge movie, and hopefully one that lives up to the hype and expectations.

Next is The Amazing Spider-man, which is a reboot of the franchise. Most of you would remember that I hated Spider-man 3 so much I wrote a lengthy review on Rotten Tomatoes back then. I have high hopes for this one, although I'm still trying to dig the new threads. The trailers and snippets so far haven't really disappointed, but I hope that Spidey would keep his mask on longer this time wise. I'm also posting here 2 photos I made and hosted on 9gag, since both of them are related to Spider-man:

For this one it's actually been on my mind ever since Venom made his movie debut in Spider-man 3. I couldn't understand why they couldn't give his character the split personality like in the comics, and instead all we got was a 1 dimensional character meant to be filler between the Sandman plot. Lame, but at least it's over and we don't have to deal with emo Parker any more.

Less angst for this one, it's simply a montage of all the live action Spider-man, since the days of the Electric Company. Old school, but hey I still remember watch it back as a toddler. The rest of the Spideys are from the live series in the 70s, the Japanese Tokusatsu version, and the Tobey Maguire version. The last one is of course from the upcoming reboot.

Last film is the conclusion of the Batman saga. I've enjoyed the 2 previous films tremendously, since I'm a Batman fan as well, although not as much as Spider-man. I have my own fair share of comments about the movies and perhaps a little about the promotional efforts about this one, but all seems well and I'm excited for this one too. All in all, it's going to be a fantastic year for super hero fans and you can bet I'll be sharing my comments about all 3 in time to come :)

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