Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Quick thoughts on Ironman 3

Finally watched Ironman 3 today after trying my best to avoid spoilers on social media since last week. I felt relieved actually, since I can now go read up on how the other viewers thought, about possibly the last Ironman movie we will see in a while. Or at least until the Avengers sequel. So without any ado these are my quick thoughts.

To set the stage right I loved the first film but hated the second. I thought the plot was weak and I couldn't stand a lot of the things that made the film cheap. Such as gapping plot holes that are obviously there for convenience's sake. Case in point, I didn't like how James Rhodes (or anyone other person for that manner), could just step into the Mk II, kick Ironman's ass and then fly away. I've always thought that the suit needed extremely fine tuning/calibration and that only Stark could use it. Anyway, the same thing happens in part 3 but I can just assume that the suits were designed to fit anyone. And I was happy to see that Petter Potts had problems controlling the armour.

Onto this movie, I must declare that I'm a non-comic book reader. Perhaps that's the reason why I enjoyed it. I don't have a lot of background knowledge on the Mandarin or the Extremis related story and took in everything fresh. Thus, there wasn't any hype to live up to in terms of the movie versions of long established characters. To many fans who were disappointed, I figure that it was because of the Mandarin being made a joke in the movie. But to me, I thought that it was still possible that the Mandarin exists. In the movie, it was mentioned that the actor who was brought in to play the role of the Mandarin received plastic surgery. Perhaps he was sought due to his resemblance to the actual Mandarin? Just a theory.

I thought the dialogue in this film was a lot better than the last one. I couldn't stand most of the conversations between Stark and Potts in part 2. This time round their chemistry was much better. Things I didn't like in this movie? While looking at so many suits was cool, I thought it made them look kinda "disposable". Pros and cons I guess. The plot itself has quite a few issues too but it's easy to look over them. For example, I thought Stark was taking it way too personal over Happy's injury. Yeah they were buds but to show such a public outcry was a little unjustified even for Tony Stark. I didn't like the President in the Iron Patriot suit part either, and I groaned when Rhodes used the suit to fire a shot at the wires to release the President. Remote sensing maybe? How else was he able to fire that shot? Anyways, to cut the whole post short, I thought the movie was pretty enjoyable, and the final post credit scene was worth the extra wait, although there wasn't any hints about the Avengers sequel. :)

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