Monday, April 22, 2013

KR Girls: Go Get 'em

Exactly 1 month's time before the very first Kamen Rider game gets released on the PS3. It's a Japanese only game, so here's where years of learning Japanese finally pays off! Well at least it gives me a valid reason to learn new vocabulary and get my dictionary app online again. I've ordered my pre-order exclusive version online, which gives extra music tracks from the original shows.

 In the meantime while waiting for game related news to come trickling in, I've also been listening to the main theme of the game, sung by the Kamen Rider Girls. It's only the 2nd song from them I've really cared about, but I've been listening to the preview version dozens of times already. At this rate I might grow sick of this abridged version even before the actual single gets released. Till I get my hands on a copy of the game, I''ll be counting down the days. :p

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