Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Rena Worldwide!

3 years ago I made a video of Rena using pictures edited with PhotoFunia, an iPhone app which takes your photos and edits them with funny and interesting backgrounds. I recently went through the app again and found some new backgrounds, and hence did a few more photos and made them into a slide show:

I didn't spend as much time and effort as the last one though. I used to make videos every other week, but now I don't get that kind of time, nor the creativity required any more. I still enjoy doing up all these videos, as they remind me a lot of Rena's growing up process. Kids grow up so fast, and parents grow old so fast that if we don't archive these feelings, we are likely to forget how we felt as well as the emotions, when they eventually fade away with the memories. That's why I try my best to write my journal, blog, take photos, make interesting pictures, and make videos. All because I know I have a bad memory. :)

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