Thursday, April 18, 2013


Episode 2 gave us a few new revelations: Rian is a Makai Priestess that uses guns. Well, and her brush of course. She fled from her first fight and like the rest of her predecessors, she seems to be more suitable as a support role for the Makai Knights. 

And she changes clothes and hairstyles anime style, even faster than the knights who still need to summon their armour. Still, my favourite female character in the entire series (that's not saying a lot actually).

We learn that Zaruba doesn't talk to Ryuga because he thinks he's still a kid. Probably, if you compare him to Kouga. And that his armour will eventually turn totally gold, as hinted by what happened during the end of the fight with that poor salaryman monster. Nothing too outstanding but a lot more questions are raised and it sets up the rest of the season on a proper, character driven plot. And for those interested, yes, that brief nude scene that's customary to pilot episodes happened in this episode instead. So keep the young ones away while watching this one.

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