Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rena's Gwiyomi: Getting the video done

A few days ago I had this idea of doing up a video with Rena performing the Gwiyomi dance. It's basically a short and simple Korea song, with hand gestures that can be improvised as long as it fulfils its ultimate purpose of being cute. Initially, I thought about making a full video, but realised Rena's unlikely going to remember all the moves in the sequence so I changed it into a photo show video instead. Much easier but a lot of editing work.

Luckily she cooperated pretty well for the photo shoot, and that was the least of my worries. I just had to batch operate in photoshop to clear out the background, draw outlines, and resize the photos. Should be fairy easy provided I needed to invest a couple of hours. The song itself and the lyrics were readily available online so that's no issue. I only hope that we can do a full video in the future when Rena's ready. :)

I posted the video clip up on Facebook, and you can find the link either direct on my Facebook timeline or via this link. It's on youtube too and embedded here for your convenience.

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