Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Today's the actual birthday of Mabel! Let's put our hands together and wish her a "Happy **th Birthday!" (text censored out to protect the life of a certain individual blogger). We spent the day together, after taking leave and off from work and were looking for a good break. We headed to town and met up with Leslie and her boyfriend Kenny. They owned a shop in Far East Plaza, and it was the first time we were there. I agreed on helping them with their online website, so hopefully that will be up soon. がんばってね~

Although it's Mabel's birthday I also managed to get something for myself. The 3rd rider in the Kamen Rider Kabuto series, Kamen Rider Drake, in both rider and masked form, was available at Takashimaya. Not going to miss this chance to grab them, I swiped them off the shelves in no time. I'm also contemplating on getting the new SIC figures of KR: Next, but it costs $70 and with the upcoming releases of the 12 inch Garo, I really need to plan out my expenses. 欲しい物がたくさんのに、僕は今あとても便簿です。。

With the addition of Drake, I've got all the current riders in the show. A few more riders have been named in addition to the upcoming riders such as Sasword and Gattack. They are the new movie riders for the Kabuto movie. Their names are: Caucasus, Hercus, and Cetarus. They all look similar to Kabuto, but with additional add on such as armour. My theory is that it's a scheme to easily make more toys from the Kabuto mould.

Also got this KR Ultimate Solid series from Adrian. It's a cool set, and although it's not complete (lacks Hibiki in Kurenai mode), it's still a gem and definately for keeps. The Ultimate Solid series are really making huge waves in the market, and I'll be looking forward to more releases in this series. (さあ。。。困ったな)

Here is a picture of my current desktop, on my laptop. Yes, it's the girls from Morning Musume. またモムスね!I change my wallpaper frequently, but only those worthy of being in my wallpaper collection are used. You will also noticed that I use a dekstop planner and calender known as Rainlendar. It's a very innovative program, and allows you to view the calender right on your desktop, with markers to mark out important dates and even a To-Do list. Do check it out.


I've finally finished watching the last few episodes of season 2 of LOST! It turned out that the disc my friend lend me didn't have the last 4 episodes, due to the fact that the season finale was only telecasted in the US last week! I had to search for them and download them myself. But it was worth every minute of the wait, as the finale was awesome and now I can't wait for season 3. At least I can laugh at the pepople who are still watching the season on Channel 5... hahaha!

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