Sunday, May 14, 2006

A fresh new look for Sean no Sekai!

Dear friends, welcome to the all new version of Sean's blog! Yes, I know it's been some time since the last entry, but that's because of the stupid problem Friendster's blog been giving me. I didn't realise that my 50mb quota was met last month, and thought it was a bug as usual. And just when I wanted to post another update, I finally told myself enough is enough, and therefore this new site is born. And all for the better! No more limits for images, no more stupid server down time and no more manual editing of image sizes. Only bad thing is that it's not linked to all my friends' accounts on friendster. But well, I'm gonna still update a few more times on the old blog, so as to inform the rest of the uninformed about the change. More updates are hopefully on the way with this new blog site, and do remember to leave a note as usual for me to know you're here.

I've created an all new site for my designed banners, wacky pictures, and my animated gifs. Although the site is still in process of getting all my stuff in, you can still take a look at all of my banners so far, as well as those I've done for the forum members over at the Ultraman Lah forums. I will also be adding in the pictures I edited, such as these pictures of Ultramen fighting it out at the Esplanade. Check these out:

There are lots more where these came from, but until I have time to upload everything, you'll just have to settle for the other banners first. I will also be uploading the various animated gifs which I have done over the years. Do stay tuned, and visit

We had a gathering this Sunday with some of the Golf Wing Alumni instructors. People who were present include me and Mabel, Simon and Zann, Daniel and Sandy, Jack, Wenshun, JJ, and of course the 2 stars of the gathering, Caden and Alexander.

It's amazing how fast babies grow, and you know what they say, kids grown up so fast you'll miss it if you blink your eyes. Alex, particularly, has grown to be a really active little toddler. Here you can see him bouncing on my family jewels which prompted the dorky reaction from me. Good training for the arms though. Not too sure how much damage was done, but at least Alex seemed to have a good time. :)

Both babies were really cute and me and Mabel were both having a good time taking pictures and playing with them, which inevitably led us to the age old question of "Eh, when is your turn ah?". Well, my standard SOP reply would have to be, "When we're ready and after we've settled down in our new apartment first lor."

It was good seeing some of the old instructors of 52/03 too, such as Wenshun and Jack. Brings back some of the good old memories, and although it was a shame that some of the other instructors such as Darryl and Sam didn't make it, we'd most probably organise another one soon.

It's been quite some time since the last time I showed my harvest, so right now I'll show you in 2 different pictures what I've got for myself in the past month. Not too many, but I just decided to go on a Kamen Rider spending spree since Mabel's on a change-your-hair-do spending spree. Most of the figures are from KR: Kabuto, and I finally got my Ultra Hero Series: Dark Zagi and Ultraman Noa, courtesy of Dennis and Sze Huat from the forums.

And more recently, I visited King Kaiju's shop and got for myself an ApexT Ultraman figure (yes it's a Chaiyo model so sue me), and finally got that KR Black figure which I've always wanted. Black's gone a long way since I've watched his series on the RTM channels back in primary school, dubbed in Malay no less.

Also got the entire set of the SD Kamen Rider series, which features mainly the Kabuto riders plus some of the other new age riders. Also got the Soul of Soft Vinyl figures for KR Nigou and Super 1.

Tony from the Ultraman Lah forums suggested that I do up some posters to promote the site, so that the shop owners of the shops which we frequent can display them up. It's a great idea, for fans to know of our site and as well as for the shop to do some advertising for themselves through our forum too. I've done up 5 different variations, but we've yet to decide on which one yet. Expect to see them flying all over Singapore toy shops soon. :)

We're also made most of the arrangements for our trip to Tokyo in July. It's a pity we're only gonna stay there for 5 days, but the highlight will undoubtly be the ULFES. It's Ultraman's 40th anniversary, and it's gonna be a big event in Tokyo. I've also designed a series of T-shirts for the forum members who are going there together, and the selected design is shown on the right. We're planning to print the forum logo as well as the words "ULFES 2006 Tokyo" on the back, and maybe our forum nicks by the side of the sleeves too. Thanks to Chris from the forums for volunteering to help with the printing!

I've also downloaded and watched 2 Kamen Rider movies lately. They're Kamen Rider: The First, and Kamen Rider Hibiki and the 7 Onis. I've enjoyed both, although one of them I had to listen to the Jap as there was no subtitles available. Still, it was extremely watchable .

If you haven't heard, Mabel just came from from her shopping trip to Taipei with her colleagues. It was a pure shopping and eating holiday, and she sure had fun there without me around to nag on her spending. And saying I was annoyed is an understatement when all she got for me there were Pineapple tarts. Well, at least the trip to Japan's coming. And Mabel must be having a blast these 3 months: first Shanghai, then Taiwan, and now Japan. Shiok hor?

Alright! I've actually spent quite a few hours trying to get a feel of this new interface, especially with the add ons such as the tag message board you see on the right. It's taken me some time to finally get a template I like, though customization efforts have failed for now. I'm gettly kinda tired, but I definately will update more when I have the chance. Till my next posting, do leave me a message. Take care, and peace out.


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