Sunday, July 09, 2006


It's been a tough week at work. I've been given high expectations and tasks of a similar level. I will be giving ACGS (Int) a presentation this week, and should be presenting to the Chief of Army later this month as well. However, due to my Japan trip, I will be missing the event in which COA comes and visit my camp. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing though. Bad, because all the hard work I've done and practised for the presentation would go down the drain. Good, because I don't need to stress myself out anymore. :) I've also been spending quite a bit of late nights in camp recently, and even had to bring work back home for the first time since a few years back. But frankly, I'm happy that I have a role to play. It's the reason why I wanted to post out of OCS, and why I converted and joined the intelligence corp. Hopefully my efforts would not go to waste, and that I would finally have the job satisfaction that I desire.

I got the SIC volume 33 this week: Kamen Rider Hibiki Kurenai and Kamen Rider Todoroki. It was quite a bargain as the Hibiki figure alone costs $50, while this 2 figure set only costs $60. Coming up next: Kamen Rider Ibuki + Kamen Rider Zanki, followed by the limited exclusive figures of Kamen Rider Danki, Sabaki and Eiki. Can't wait for the rest to arrive, but I kinda hope not so soon sometimes. I still need to get my Goten figure (refer to previous post), which is still quite expensive. Also missed out on the SIC Next series, which I may leave till Japan to get it. Which translates to more cash to be brought along!

A Kamen Rider Kabuto movie is in the works. It will feature 3 brand new Riders, which names are too complicated for me to remember. It will also include the new Rider, Gatack. I thought the new Riders such as Sasword and Gatack looked hideous at first, but like Kabuto, the more I watch the series, the better they get. Thanks to their cast off abilities as well as the clock up functions. However, the armoured Sasword still looks incredibly stupid and really needs to go. I liked TheBee and Drake's designs, and hope both of them will be featured in the movie.

A new Gougou Sentai: Boukenger movie is also going to be released soon. There will be a road show in Tokyo this month, but unluckily I'm not able to attend. I have been downloading this series, but I haven't really watched it due to the fact that it seems to be aimed at kids with it's simple themes. The Kamen Rider series such as Hibiki and Kabuto seems to be much more interesting in this aspect, and that's why I'm a converted fan.

As for Ultraman Mebius, I did some translating work today and made a English subtitle file for the Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Hikari Saga. You can download the SRT file made by me here. Sorry about my English. It's not that easy being a translator, and I had to spend some time getting the timing correct as well. But if the reception is good, I will translate and time for the upcoming 2 episodes of the Gaiden as well. And as of current writing, just 18 days more to go before I embark on my Tokyo trip! Woo hoo! Mebius and Nexus here I come!


Anonymous said...

Wow, so you are out of OCS and in G2 now? まさかCIG?
~ yallo (aka smilealwiz, from gotwoot)

Sean said...

Wow how did you figure? But I'm not in G2 nor CIG (thankfully), but SMI. :)