Sunday, September 03, 2006


Me and Mabel went for our wedding photo shoot a few days ago. Yes, it's a little bit late considering we had our ROM over 2 years ago, but since we're not going to throw a customary dinner it's fine if we spend some money to get something to remember our youth with. As usual, I wasn't particularly excited about the shoot as I know I'm no where as photogenic as Mabel. It was so so so tiring having to pose and smile for the camera, and I was pretty tired although we were barely half way through the indoor shoots. Our outdoor shoots were to be done in Sentosa and some of the old shop houses nearby, but due to some unexpected turn of events, we were forced to cancel the shoot and to select another day to go to Sentosa once again. Naturally, I was happy that the photo shoot had come to an end but the bad thing is that we'd have to do another one next week. Here are some of the photos taken by our friend Huiming on that day, who was a great help to us and we're grateful and thank her for her assistance and support. For me I've come to understand that it isn't easy to smile for the camera especially when there's no reason to celebrate. And further more it's a bit disheartening when your wife's pictures turn out photo perfect while I'm struggling to "relax" and "smile normally".

This upcoming month's a busy month for toy collectors like myself. So many new stuff are being imported and released from Japan it's virtually impossible to get them all. But being a die hard fan, there are some which are part of a series and I've not choice but to get them to complete the collection. Here are the few which are released this month and a must get for me:

VOL.5 心滅獣身ガロ&ザルバ ダメージVer
Garo: Equip and Prop Volume 5: Berserk Garo

S.I.C. VOL.34 仮面ライダ[イブキ&ザンキ
S.I.C Vol 34 Kamen Rider Ibuki & Zanki

ソフビ魂VOL.29 仮面ライダー龍騎
ソフビ魂VOL.28 仮面ライダーX
ソフビ魂VOL.30 仮面ライダーカイザ
Soul of vinyl vol 29 Kamen Rider Ryuki
Soul of vinyl vol 28 Kamen Rider X
Soul of vinyl vol 30 Kamen Rider Kaixa

ウルトラヒーローシリーズ2006 SP ニセメビウス
ウルトラヒーローシリーズ2006 SP メビウスインフィニティー
Ultra Hero Series: Imitation Mebius
Ultra Hero Series: Mebius Infinity

Kamen Rider Kabuto Hero Series (movie version)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Hyper Form

Yes! Frightening, I know! Too many stuff coming out and too little money as usual. But you can bet your last dollar that I will skip breakfast and go to the cookhouse for all my lunches for this month. Mabel's going for my neck the minute she reads this post, so I've got to defend myself here by saying that although we've got a lot of upcoming stuff to settle for our renovations, I'm getting my collection through my own meal money, so I'm not touching any money or funds from our savings. Peace ok dar?

I've got for myself a s-video cable and some other audio cables to hook up my laptop to our TV in our room. This way I am able to watch all my toku and anime series on the big screen! I'm also excited by the fact that once my new 42 inch TV comes in for our new apartment I will be able to show movie screenings and even play emulated games on the big screen! Woo hoo! Until the next update, the countdown for my house warming begins! Just 3 more weeks the renovation begins!


Zero said...

heh. you and mab are just like Peter Parker and Mary Jane :-)

Sean said...

Warrau you saying I am a nerd lor.