Friday, October 06, 2006


Hi! It's been a while since the last update, so I apologise for the lack of new posts. Work has been taxing lately, due to me being on course and new happenings around my office. It's a rather exciting time for me because I'm making new friends and learning new stuff, but I've got not much time to do the things I enjoy, such as watching toku shows or making banners for the forums. Still, it's not as bad as I say but the fact is that I'm still rather lazy these days.
To compensate for lost time, I'm going to make this a longer post and cram in whatever I've wanted to shout about for the past 3 weeks. There's much to talk about, and there's no better way for me to express my feelings through this blog. Some people find blogging an utter waste of time, and I was one of these people. However, after I've started my original blog on Friendster, I realised that I had a sense of satisfaction after people come up to me and tell me they've enjoyed reading my blog. On top of that, I see this as a good way to display the images I've created, as well as all the banners and signatures too. Most of the images and banners here are made by me, so it you like what you see and want to see more, do visit "Psyke's Creations". I've not updated it in a while but all my old work are there. I've not updated any of my sites in recent months, but I guess I'll have to do it eventually. Time management's not my forte though. Hmm, if only I can find out where I left my FTP account password...

Have you ever made such a dumb and stupid mistake that you wanted to murder yourself immediately? I did last week. I've done something so dumb and embaressing that I wanted to strangle myself till my eyeballs pop out. Story goes like this: I was driving home one day after work, and gave one of my guys a lift. I don't know how or why, but some how I "hollanded" and ended up on my way to Johore Bahru. Yes, dumb.... but true. I had misssed the exit to SLE and some how was headed for the Woodlands checkpoint. My friend woke up (yes he was sleeping) and I even asked him "Why today so many bikes har?" He sensed that something was amiss and by the time we realised we were on the wrong road it was already too late. I was surrounded by Malaysian bikes on their way back home. There was no way back and I spend over 30 mins making my way through the jam to the checkpoint. Both of us were in uniform and it must have puzzled the Malaysians as to what these 2 soldiers were trying to pull off. In the end, I had to explain to the customs officers on my blunder and luckily I was allowed to turn back after they recorded my ic number. It was a relief for the both of us and I swore never to get lost on the SLE, ever again. And yes, this is a true story. Cock right.

Our friends William and Huiming finally tied the knot last Sunday on the 1st of October. They ROM and wedding dinner was held on Sentosa, on the beach behind Rasa Sentosa Hotel. Luckily the rain had all been expended the day before, and the weather was excellent that day. Both me and Mabel were involved as their "Brother" and "Sister", and helped out in the planning process as well. I used a cmap and drew out a time line and tasking list, so that it would be easier to coordinate on that day. Mabel was the supposed coordinator but I found that more coordination had to be done to prevent any chances of screw ups.

Here on the left is the Cmap that I did. You can enlarge it by clicking on it. It's very similar to mind mapping but not entirely the same. It's a popular concept mapping software introduced to me by my unit's commanding officer. I find it very useful and have been using it for my self learning purposes and for planning events, such as William and Huiming's wedding. And as expected, things became rather hectic on that day. Luckily I had lots of help from the other brothers and sisters, as well as some of the guests who were close friends. Thankfully, everything went well. The live band was great, the hotel staff provided the pedals on time, and the photographers were very cooperative too. All in all, it was a great event and I'm sure it will be a memorable one for all the guests too. And we just wonder when little William or little Huiming will arrive......

Just slightly over a month before I embark on my first trip to down under. Some how I'm not feeling all too excited about this trip. I'll tell you why. Firstly and most frustratingly, I'll miss my Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 3. It's a international exam and is only held once every year. I'm still depressed by this, but work comes first and I'll have to take the exam next year, though I'll still carry on with my level 2 course next year, which takes 2 years of studies before I can sit for the level 2 exam, so no hurry for me. Secondly, my new flat would barely be completed when I fly off. Hopefully everything will be settled by then, and I can hold my house warming shortly upon my return. On the bright side, at least I can widen my horizons and maybe meet a few kangeroos there (yes, pathetic attempt and cheering myself up).

In case you still haven't figured it out, I'm a big fan of Morning Musume and Matsuura Aya. Mabel's not too pleased about this but well, she understands that I like them because of their music (yeah right). Haha, but seriously, I do enjoy their music. Matsuura Aya (松浦亜弥), or Ayaya, will be starring in her first feature film! It's called Sukeban Deka (スケバン刑事), and as weird as it sounds the official english translation is "Yoyo Girl Cop". Yeah I know it sounds a little stupid, but it's a remake of an extremely popular series back in the 80s. Here's more details from everybody's fave encyclopedia, Wiki.

Sukeban Deka (スケバン刑事, Sukeban Deka), "Delinquent Girl Detective" in English, is a Japanese manga series by Shinji Wada that was later adapted into a mid-80s live-action television series and three feature films. Though each incarnation is different, they all share the basic premise of a female delinquent schoolgirl being taken in by the government and fighting crime to redeem her troubled past. Using a metal yo-yo that doubled as a police badge, she, under the codename Asamiya Saki, would infiltrate high schools and investigate strange happenings.The television series, though technically one series made up of three seasons, are essentially self-contained and separate, aside from sharing the same basic themes and premise.

There was also an OVA in 1991. The stylized and campy/cool action pits trained high school girls in school uniforms against local villains and national conspiracies. Their weapons include their trademark "razor yo-yo," lethal foil origami cranes, marbles, knitting needles and darts adapted from the game of jacks. The films in particular have achieved a cult status on both sides of the Pacific. 1987's Subekan Deka: The Movie is their feature debut, and generally thought to be their most evenly written and directed vehicle. Most of the lead actresses in the series also worked as models and singers. Yui Asaka from Sukeban Deka 3 sang one of the songs on the Katamari Fortissimo Damacy video game soundtrack

It was announced in February 2006 that a new film adaptation was underway. Titled "Sukeban Deka: Codename Asamiya Saki", it will star Aya Matsuura as the lead role, with Rika Ishikawa (石川利華 of Viyuden 美勇伝) cast as her rival. Yuki Saitō, who played the role of Saki in the first live action TV series, will star as Saki's mother. The movie is scheduled to be released on September 30, 2006, and will have the official English title of Yo-Yo Girl Cop[1]. It will be directed by Kenta Fukasaku, best known as the screenwriter for the film Battle Royale and director of its sequel, Battle Royale 2. Here's an a video on the making of the film. Check out Ayaya and Charmy!

Garo's upcoming movie special is coming! A special 90-minute GARO sequel will be aired in two parts on December, titled "Demon Beast of the White Night." This sequel will feature the third Makai Knight named Byakuya Kishi Dan (White Night Knight Dan), along with classic characters like Kouga, Rei, Kaoru, and Taiga. Bandai's been milking us fans with all those awesome Garo figures, such as the Berserk Garo you see me holding in the first picture above, and with the introduction of this new Makai Knight you can be sure the a whole new line of figures is in the pipeline. I'm not really complaining, but my wallet's getting really thin and Mabel's face is getting really long. : ( Well, I'm still trying my best to save up but with the S.I.C Hibiki figures on the way too it's hard to resist..... At least I'll have a good break after this line of S.I.C figures are complete.

That's about all I've got to get off my chest for now, and it feels great to be posting once more. I'll try and keep up with at least 1 post per week, but it's kinda hard these days due to my course schedule so no promises here. I'll still be collecting information and pictures though, so please check back soon. Until then, wish me good luck for my course and see ya soon. Ja!

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