Sunday, October 29, 2006


We visited our flat again this Saturday, and was pleased to find that majority of the cement work has been done. The feature wall has been started, and the walk in wardrobe walls were up. The false ceiling less the lights were also in place. My display shelves were also up, but sadly the space doesn't seem to be enough to accomodate all of my stuff. Guess I'll have to find some alternatives. Luckily I've already got some contingency plans, heh.

Still, there's about at least 1 more month of waiting before we can finally move in. Until then, we've got a ton of tasks to complete, such as finalising on the colours, and shopping for the rest of the electrical appliances and the furniture. Even the selection of basins, sinks, and light switches need to be carefully planned and selected. It's not easy planning for your house but it certainly is an exciting time for me and Mabel. I'm looking forward to packing all my Gundam models, Ultraman and Kamen Rider and Garo figures into their boxes and shifting all of them to my new shelves. All my old manga from the era of Dragonball to Naruto also need to be shifted in. Heck I even need to get myself a new workspace, though I'll most probably be using my old laptop and desktop for the time being. Not much pictures to be shown for now, as the flat still looks like a complete mess with all the bags of cement lying around and the parquet floor being taken apart. Hopefully everything will fall in place in due time, and that we can finally have our little nest, and a place which we can truly call a home of our very own. : )

Remember the Kamen Rider Kaixa figure I told you guys that I really need to get last week? I've got it! Muahahah! Along with a Kamen Rider Faiz figure as well! It was quite a bargain at the OG sale, but it wasn't really that much of a surprise considering the the Faiz series have ended quite some time ago. I got the 2 figures at $25 each, which is cheap because the original price is around double that amount. Of course, Mabel gave me a hard time but in the time she managed to make a profit she forced me to trade my half of our Takashimaya vouchers (worth $100) for "permission" to get the toys. Well, whatever. Hahaha! *ouch*

Just completed my download of the subsequent Kamen Rider series after Faiz: Kamen Rider Blade. It's shown in 2004, and was the series before Hibiki, my actual first series which I completed viewing. I've yet to start on watching this yet, as there are quite a few shows on my harddisk, such as Lost season 3 (only the first 3 episodes so far), Death note the anime, Naruto, Bleach, and a new JDrama called Akihaba@deep. More on this series perhaps at a later post.

A version of Sukeban Deka (if you're not sure what I'm talking about scroll down to a previous blog entry for a introduction to this movie) is up for download at Jpopsuki, complete with English subtitles! Head on over there right away to download if you've been waiting for this show. It made it's premiere in Japan just a few weeks back and I'm kinda surprised such a good quality version with English subs have already been circulating. I've just watched the show..... and here are some of my thoughts. Spoilers abound so beware!

Well the subs are a little exaggerated at some places, and it made Ayaya overly vulgar in some of her speeches. As for the show itself, the plot and story are really, mediocre at best, and leave too many loop holes and unanswered questions. Most of the time you won't know what the agenda of the characters, on both the good and bad sides. As for the good sites, Ayaya really looked great in the show. Pity there wasn't enough fight scenes and certainly Charmy deserved more screen time. At least give her a better death scene! Ayaya's suit at the end was good, but there wasn't enough of her, and it seemed pretty absurd that she can defeat all those men with machine guns with a yoyo she didn't seem so proficient at yet.

End of the day, it's a forgettable film. Best part of the show? Ayaya vs Charmy. Worst part: almost everything else. Even the other 2 girls from Biyuden, Okada Yui and Miyoshi Erika couldn't make the show better. Ayaya's debut in the movie scene should have been much better given her potential. Given that, I still love her "don't screw with me" look in the show. Well, do give this movie a chance if you're an Aya fan like me, else, you might wanna considering the other Japanese shows such as Death Note or The Sinking of Japan instead.

Zero, a good friend who's also a fellow Ultraman fan and my Japanese class classmate, helped me to prepare for a spoken conversation a few weeks ago. We were supposed to use this conversation for a test, but sadly I couldn't make it for the test due to work commitments. Here's the conversation that he came up with:












What it means in English:

Zer0: Sean, wassup with ya?

Sean: Nuthin, I’m cool.

Zer0: You look like you’re in a bad mood.

Sean: erm…I just had a fight with the missus.

Zer0: Wassup with her?

Sean: I got busted when the toys I bought yesterday were discovered.

: As I’d expected. What did she say?

Sean: “If you waste money, you’ll sleep in the corridor,” she cautioned.

Zer0: So I see. Your wife’s like a Tigress. What a pity…

Zean: I didn’t want to make her angry, however I will not give up on my hobby.

Zer0: It’s not a good idea to make her angry. Well, if you’re gonna buy new toys, I can be their caretaker.

And due to this week's plot advancement in the Naruto manga, I am compelled to edit this picture of Pinky and the Brain with Akatsuki coats. Hard to explain why but if you read the manga you will know exactly what I mean.

Haha, Mabel didn't really show signs of happiness when being referred to as a Tigeress, but I can assure all readers that she's not as bad as it sounds. After all, I managed to get my stuff and we're still having fun together. All she wants is for me to be more thrifty, and I can understand where she's coming from because of all our new commitments lately. I've already promised to cut (some of) my expenses, and will try to save up more from now on. Ok dar? :p

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