Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Decided to give a update because of a major update from the Jpop industry. As for my own update, nothing much happening this week. A good time for a breather perhaps, so I actually started watching a few new anime series recommending by friends from GotWoot. Will do a introduction to these series in the next update. On with the news....
In a shocking announcement from H!P producer Tsunku (the man who gave us Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, Matsuura Aya, and wrote almost all the songs) has added in 2 more members into the current 8 member Morning Musume group. These 2 members will join Mitsui Aika as the Generation 8 members. So, what's so shocking about this announcement? New MM members are introduced every year. Last year we had Kusumi Koharu, and the year before we had Gen 6 members Tanaka Reina, Michishige Sayumi, Kamei Eri, and as well as solo singer Fujimoto Miki. This year..... 2 more new members from China. Yes, I'm not kiddy. 2 new Chinese girls are going to be in Morning Musume!

Here are the profiles of the 2 girls from the official H!P website.

ジュンジュン本名:李 純 Li Chun (リー・チュン)
生年月日:1988年2月11日 19歳
得意な楽器および年数:ピアノ 2年
芸歴:2006年"超級女声Super Girl"長沙エリアベスト50入賞

Her real name is Li Chun, but will be called Jun Jun as a member of MM. A little dumb but fans will find it easier to chant during concerts. She's 19, and comes from Hunan in China. Guess what, she's a fan of JJ Lin Jun Jie and Cindy Wang. 19 years old, which is surprising as the new girls are usually around 15 when first enlisted, while the typical age to leave is around 21 or 22.

リンリン本名:銭 琳 Qian Lin (チェン・リン)
生年月日:1991年3月11日 16歳

Second girl is called Qian Lin, known to Japanese media now as Rin Rin. 16 years old, and comes from Hang Zhou, China. Plays the pian0 and guitar, and apparently can sing and dance well. But of course, Tsuku has groomed many girls to be super stars in Japan, such as Goto Maki, Abe Natsumi, Ishikawa Rika, Matsuura Aya, and so on. There is no denying his power to make any girl into a su star. Just look at last year's Koharu. So unimpressive at the auditions, but is now one of the most popular newcomers ever in the group.

I'm having very mixed emotions about this announcement. I'm more disappointed actually. I want MM to be a all Japanese girl group. Although it wo uld be interesting to see how things turn out. In the recent Hello Morning show, the members were introduced to the rest of the MM members through current leader Yoshizawa Hitomi. In reality TV fashion, the expressions on the other girls were priceless. I could only image the cold stares from the rest if they can't mix well with others. Remember, these 2 girls can't really speak Japanese well and is currently taking lessons. Here is a clip from the show featuring their first meeting with the 8 current members.
And naturally, the inclusion of 2 Chinese girls would invite some inevitable racism comments, from Japan, China, and other parts of the world. I read that there were spammers which were flooding Jun Jun's blog with negative and harsh comments. Here is an extract from her blog.

From Jun Jun's blog:


This is plain cruel, and I sincerely hope the 2 girls are able to be strong and focus on the upcoming concert and new single. I have confidence in Tsuku, and we'll just see how well the 2 girls do in Morning Musume. I'll be updating more on their progress, so check back soon.

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