Friday, March 09, 2007


"Grandma once said: The world resolves around me. It's more interesting to think this way." That's the title of this blog entry. Taken from one of Tendou's phrases which I found very interesting. Tendou Souji, AKA Kamen Rider Kabuto, always uses philosophical phrases throughout the show, and it usually starts with "おばあちゃんは言ってた..." which means Granma said. I have a whole list of Tendou's phrases, but the one which truly defines himself, which he used in episode one, has to be "天の道を行き、全てを司る", which means "Walking the path of Heaven, ruler of all". I'm getting this done as a decal for my car, so watch out for it soon.

We've recently just had SCV installed in our new home. I've not been watching TV too regularly, ever since the proliferation of online media and peer to peer downloading of TV shows on the internet. After all, why wait for week after week on TV when you can download entire seasons online. I've caught up with episode 18 of Heroes, which SCV just started screening it now too long ago. But Mabel enjoys her Taiwanese paparazzi news channels, so we had to get it sooner or later. Well, at least I got my ESPN sports channels so Saturday and Sunday nights will not be the same again. And yeah we only got a crappy portable DVD player as a bonus for signing up. Should have waited for something more attractive.....
Morning Musume's Egao Yes Nude
With the end of the Chinese New Year festivities, my fave month of the year flew by as well. February is the best month of the year to me. Not just because it's the shortest. It's because we have Valentines day in it, my birthday, and of course Chinese New Year usually falls in February as well. Haiii.... 11 more months to go before I get to eat all those mandarin oranges.

Sony Pictures has just released a new 7 min clip from the upcoming Spider-Man 3 movie, and it absolutely KICKS ASS! Freaking cool animation shown in the fight between Peter and Harry, in his new Goblin outfit. You really have to see the clip to witness how awesome this movie is going to be. Just a few more months to go, and I'm sure Sam Raimi is not going to slip up and will match, if not better the standards that he has set in the previous 2 movies. Still no official images on Venom, but we've seen more than a couple of pictures of Venom figures and toys. I've got my hands on a promotional picture of Venom, but I think I'd better not post it up in case it becomes a spoiler for some of you.

GAM's single: Lu Lu Lu, offers a marked difference in what the 2 girls have to offer in terms of vocal quality. Mikitty's voice, being higher pitched and a little nasal, some times downs Ayaya's voice. But both of them have really powerful vocals and can hit all the high notes without any problems. The official single has yet to be released, so I'm still listening to the music from the PV from either my laptop or my handphone. Like the 2 previous singles, this PV showcases the 2 girls in 2 different and provocative outfits, this time in long sleeve shirts and hats without any pants. It's not as suggestive as the last video, "Melodies", which had the word "lesbians" written all over the video. Still, fans like what they see, and most likely GAM is here to stay. Been quite some time since we had an Ayaya single or a Def Diva single....

We've finally began the detailed planning of our house warming. It's going to be either the end of this month or in April, after we FINALLY go get our dining chairs. I'm looking foward to having a little gathering at my place, especially with my present and previous colleagues. It's still a very busy period for me, but life really begins after working hours. I'll try and give mid week updates and include more pictures, especially since the connection problems have been resolved. Until the next post, do keep the tag box alive by leaving a message here. Cya!

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