Sunday, June 24, 2007


This week Mabel decided to give a shot at making Japanese cuisine including sushi, unagi & sashimi. I suggested using Misa as the Guinea pig (haha forgive my pun), but as usual I'm the one to give the feedback and to generate some "constructive" comments.

Mabel places a great deal of emphasis and focus on the asthetics, and I'd give her 10 points for looks of her dishes. She's also more keen on taking pictures nowadays, and takes special effort to place her works where they look better. Good job, but do the dishes taste as good as they look?

I'd like to say so. Although it's her first time making the japanese dishes, she's already done her research before hand and knows exactly what are the ingredients required. For the making of the sushi, there was some trial and error going on before she finally got the portions correct. She can spend hours in the kitchen, and you've got to hand it to her for her determination and effort. Some of the maki were more well received by me than the others, for e.g. I prefered the ones with the chicken meat rather than the ones with the pork floss mixed in.

To end off the meal, I've been given a gigantic cup of teh tarik! We bought this instant teh tarik yesterday while shopping for groceries, and together with the new mug we got from IKEA it fits right into the design of our table and coasters. All in all, it was a fantastic meal although I think I ate too much maki yesterday..... Mabel's next project: other Japanese cuisine such as fried tempura and oyako don.

As this week's entry title suggests, we've lined up a short Misa misa-chan special this week. Misa's grown quite a fair bit after around 1 month with us, and she's very obedient although a little shy whenenver there are visitors or when we try to take her out for walks. When ever she's out of her cage, she seems very attentive to her surroundings, and don't dare to move around much even when we leave her unattended. And she lets anyone pet her, and doesn't try to escape unless you're handling her wrongly. More pictures of Misa-chan to come, and in the mean time here's this week's special clip:

We went to IKEA yesterday, and bought quite a handful of stuff, from our bedroom clock to even a new bowl for Misa-chan. Also got 2 big cushions so that we can slack around the living room even more. We also dropped by Giant for the very first time, and bought the ingredients required for the Japanese cuisines.

We watched the movie "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" on Friday night. I thought that it was a pretty good movie, but like many other super hero films you don't need to think too much of the plot or wonder too much about character development. But unlike Spider-Man 3, there were no major complaints from the fans this time. Personally, just 2 points from me I'd voice out. 1st, I was hoping that Galactus would make an appearance, but he was nothing more than a swirl around the Earth. Secondly, I hated that Johnny Storm was able to absorb all the powers of the other members, making him strong enough to defeat Cosmic Doom. Not very convincing and seemed more like a plot hole.
For the positive notes, I enjoyed the flow of the movie. There weren't any overly dramatic parts (cough *Mary Jane & Pete* cough), and the movie kept the viewers entertained thoughout. The CG was very one done, particulary for the Silver Surfer. Too bad we didn't get a good shot of Jessica Alba after she burnt off all her clothes. :)

I've decided to dedicate a section of each week's entry to showcase some of the Jpop songs I'm listening to currently. I'll try my best to show the PV here as well, and most of these charts can be found off the weekly Oricon (オリコン) top 30 charts too. This week I'll feature 2 songs I've been playing over and over again in my car. First, "Boys & Girls" from LM.C:

Secondly, "Howling" from Abingdon Boys School. This song is also used as the Op theme for the anime currently showing in Japan called "Darker than Black" (黒の契約者). Both songs are mainly pop, but also a little of rock spliced in. Enjoy!

That's it for this entry. I know that the polls are a little dated, but I'm not very sure what other questions I can use as a poll. So if you have any ideas or suggestions, do leave a note in the shout out box. I also need more ideas on how to feature Misa-chan into the weekly updates. I'm thinking of filming down her bathing process so that may come in the future. Until next week, ja~

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