Friday, November 30, 2007


Yes, I know I'm supposed to be revising instead of blogging, but I was quite sick of doing the same old papers again and decided to work on a video while taking a break. So, I put some photos together and used one of my favourite songs for this Tokyo trip video. It took longer than I expected, due to some problems with the codec which in the end I had to convert twice to get the quality and size I wanted. Anyway, check out the video and give comments if you've enjoyed it. I'm getting better in this so more videos to come in the future. Gotta hit the books again, so ja!

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jj said...

Hi, Sean.I was very very happy to find out the english subtitle for Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers.Good on you!!!But in sendspace they already deleted the files.
Would you please please upload the "Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers" english subtitle again?

Thank you!