Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rena at home

It's been a hectic few days back at home, and it's getting increasingly harder to differentiate day from night. Couple this together with my revision for JLPT 2 this coming weekend, and you've got a really tired father. Still, there are smiles all around, and we've been taking lots of pictures which I have already uploaded to my Facebook account. So, if you haven't add me already, do so now!
Once again, thanks to all for the gifts which we have received. A lot of them are very useful, and also very practical, such as the baby rocker and the various health supplements such as the essence of chicken. We appreciate your thoughts and efforts from the bottom of our hearts. Say thanks, Rena!
Here are just a few of the pictures which we have captured so far. They say that babies' appearances change very rapidly, so we're doing our best to capture some good shots of her everyday.
Will try and update often, so check back soon! :)


blacksnail said...

Congrats to u again!!
rena is very cute and i think quite "big" right? hehe.. cute mitten she has. My sister just gave birth to a gal yesterday too!! and i haven't get to see her picture yet :( she is in m'sia..

Psyke aka Sean (ショーン) said...

Haha yah, she was born with a weight of 3.23kg, so not that light, and rather tall actually. Congrats to your sister too!

Anonymous said...

yes! u r right, their appearance changes very fast =) every week they look different =) have fun !

- KaI LinG