Monday, December 26, 2011

Hong Kong 2011

In what seems to be the longest hiatus this particular blog has taken, I've neglected any forms of updates for nearly two months. And I used to update this on a weekly basis too. It's not that I've been terribly busy, but just bitten by the lazy bug. Well, no more updates on vacations broken down onto a daily format that's for sure. So for this time, I figure one single video would do the trick. 

Following our Tokyo trip earlier this year, the 3 of us went for our year end vacation to Hong Kong this time. 2 Disneyland's in a year can cause tremendous fatigue, that I can tell you. Well at least on the father side of the house. Still, Rena had a great time as far as I could tell. While I've had my fair share of Mickey's and Minnies, Mabel and Rena can't seem to stop hunting them down for photos. Like how I told Mabel, next year I'm bring her to a Kamen Rider museum instead. Haha, enjoy the video while I prepare for my obligatory year end blog post inclusive of new year resolutions. Cya!

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