Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Needs and Wants

A conversation with a co-worker left an indelible impression in my mind since its inception a few months ago. The topic started off as usual, complaining about the rising costs of living in Singapore, and how prudent we as parents should aim to be.

We discussed about how to save money, and of course how to manage the family's cheque books and other finances. According to her, she never buys anything unnecessary for her children, toys included. Instead, the family's income is focused on "assets". Things that make more money for you. In her perspective, anything that doesn't increase in value over time isn't worth investing in.

Naturally, this is not part of my code in life. While u do agree that we need to be prudent and watch over how we spend our hard earned money, I disagree on her view of tagging a value to everything on your purchase list. To me, and perhaps especially me, since I buy so many games and toys, which have zero value in fact and takes up so much space, there is more than monetary value when I look at the things I buy.

I'd admit I feel that sometimes I'm over doing it, when I eventually grow out of the figures or games. But from another perspective, having what I fancy makes me happy at the point in time. And that's something you can't have any other day. I'm not talking about eternal happiness that's for sure, but it's the little things that count. Be it games for me, or expensive camera gadgets for my other friends. Having something you WANT, and working hard to earn it, by itself is already an accomplishment through the sense of satisfaction.

It may not be a new private apartment or a fancy new ride, but to me, having a new Kamen Rider or Ultraman figure gives me the same joy. It may be valueless to the rest of the world, but it defines who I am, what I like, and how I want to live.

Well, I'm happy to be where I am and it's a season to be thankful too. If there's a lesson to share, it's not to worry too much about the future, and cherish the present. Don't let the very things that shape and define you, change you. And like they say, you were born penniless and you're going to go the same way. Happy new year my friends!

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